Holiday Outfit Confidence

I love dressing up and getting ready during any season, especially during the holidays. I recently went out for some holiday cocktails with a few girlfriends and my outfit had plenty of sass as you can see! When I’m putting together an outfit, I look for flattering pieces and try to stick within my body type guidelines. Although I’m obsessed with pairing tight pieces with more flowing pieces (which is super flattering), there are times when I want to spice it up with something different and, well, tight fitting.

photos by: Erica Sledge
 To feel more
confident in my look, I’ll often throw some Spanx on it! Myself along with
every starlet/fashionista/celebrity known to man has rejoiced in Spanx for some
time now. I’m not afraid to say it! I love the Trust Your Thinstincts HighWaisted Mid Thigh! It’s comfortable, lightweight and perfectly positioned. I
think you’ll understand when you “throw some Spanx on it”. Happy Holidays!

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