NYE Beauty Tips with BeGlammed

With New Years Eve just one day away, I’m sure your glamourous prep has begun. I know mine has! I’m big on any holiday that gives me an opportunity to get dressed up, but I’m particularly big on New Years Eve. Despite living in Los Angeles for the past three years, I have never celebrated New Years Eve in the lovely city. This year, Chandler and I will be spending our rockin’ NYE in the City of Angels! 
So, what are you wearing? How will you do your hair? To give you some tips and share fun ideas for NYE beauty, I’ve teamed up with BeGlammed, the beauty app that offers personal beauty services straight to your door. Think Uber for beauty. It’s a beautiful thing! Pun intended.

How does it work, you ask? Simply download the BeGlammed app, pick the service you need, and a professional in your area will be on their way. The founders of this innovative app, BeGlammed, have given me their personal favorite tips for NYE glamour, so get ready to be glammed!
From the founders…
“If there’s ever a time to make your eyes gleam it’s New Year’s Eve.  Place a little refined glitter on top of your finished eye shadow for ultimate shine.  Glitter tends to travel so it’s best to use an adherent like a setting spray [try MAC’s Fix+] or glitter glue [by Too Faced] to stick the glitter on your lids.  Be sure to do your eyes first so you can wipe away any glitter fallout off your face and keep your foundation looking fresh. “

“Balance your beautiful glittery lids with a perfect red lip.  A red lip can be tricky to achieve so you’ll need the right tools to ensure your lip stays all night while you celebrate.  First apply a lip primer, something to keep your red lipstick in place, this will also help your products go on with ease.  Next, line your lips with a sharpened red lip pencil.  Use the side of the pencil placing the tip in the corners of your mouth and fill in most of your lip rather than just lining the inner rim. Lastly, apply a red lipstick of your choice with a lip brush for ultimate perfection. “

 I loved the messy bun my stylist created for this look. Each stylist is equipped to do whatever your little heart desires, so be sure to check out BeGlammed and download the app to have beauty services straight to your doorstep! Have a wonderful NYE and be glammed!

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