11 Inspiring Offices & Tips To Create Yours

The workspace. It’s where you go to create; to complete whatever task your job may entail. You could spend hours upon hours in this space. If this were an episode of MTV Cribs, we would be saying this is where “the magic happens”. It’s where you work. Where you create. Where you, day in and day out, work tirelessly towards something you believe in.Wouldn’t you want it to be a place you WANT to spend time in? If your office is a place where you are disorganized, the room is bare or unfinished, think about how nice it would be to have an inspiring, clean, productive room. Well, today I’m sharing 11 inspiring offices and tips with each. I promise you’ll be inspired!

If you’re lucky enough to have an office with a view, try placing
an inspiration board of some sort next to/leaning against/hanging above your
window. When you’re inspired by your surroundings and you constantly see a real
picture of inspiration, the outcome is bound to be great.
Dare to paint your walls a rich dark color. Preferably a shade of blue! Start by having one accent wall if the dark colors scare you.
If you have the room, set up a seating area slash reading nook.
It can serve as either a place to “take 5” during the day or have a
business meeting.
Install a gallery wall or something similar with photos and art
that inspires you. I prefer black and white and it’s how I plan on designing my
next office.
Set up shelves beside your desk. The position of shelves on each side of your desk creates a symmetrical dream and makes organizing a breeze. It also looks wonderful.

Create a wall of magazines or books. Using these thin shelves will assure there is not excess bulk on the wall. Plus, you can display some beloved books and get use out of iconic magazines.
Place a chalk board or the paint on the wall in front of your
desk. You can challenge the creativity by changing up the board each day. It will help to get your creative juices flowing!
Be daring by adding wallpaper to the ceiling! If wallpaper on the ceiling is a little too much, stick with the design theme of this photo. I love the shades of blue and textures of wood mixed with white!

Experiment with light fixtures. Who says you can’t have a fabulous light fixture over your desk? Certainly not I! Go ahead and experiment. You won’t be sorry!

If you share an office, or if you have more than yourself in the
room, try keeping things unison. Whether you order the desk from Restoration
HardwAre or IKEA, keep it uniform.
What is your favorite office space or tip? I hope you enjoy! xx
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