Wavy Hair Tutorial Updated

One of the questions I’m asked most is how I do my wavy/curly beach hair. I’ve done videos (oh, the horror – they are old!) here and here, but I thought I would put the tutorial into photo form, step by step.

 First of all, what do you think of my new hair? I don’t know if it’s overly noticeable, but my girl Molly at Nine Zero One didn’t do average highlights this time. She did a little toning on the top of my hair and finished off with balayage lightening to the ends (this is sort of like an ombre effect). It’s all in hopes for a more natural look. I wanted a little bit of a change without being too drastic like cutting 4 inches off or something crazy like that.

 Back to the tutorial! Here is my little step by step process complete with product info. I hope it helps!

Step 1 Add Texture. I definitely have a more textured hair naturally, but if I just washed, I’ll add a texturizing spray like Kevin Murphy ‘Beach Look Texture Spray’.

 Step 2: Clamp the curling iron (I used 1-1/4 inch from Hot Tools) open and wrap hair around the inside barrel. Hold the iron straight up and down! The key is to take small 1-2 inch sections and be different with each curl.

Step 3: Repeat all over the head (see photos). Even curl the traditional way for a few strands! That is my signature trick.

Step 4: Finish by curling your bangs away from the face.

Step 5: Let the curls set for 5 minutes.

Step 6: Lightly run a brush against the hair and/or run fingers through ends and middle of the strands. Fix pieces, spray and go!

I hope this tutorial helps! Please list any questions below
and I’ll get back to you:)!


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