10 Hairstyles I Want To Try

Do you ever get into a routine and stick to one hairstyle you are comfortable with? We tell ourselves ‘this is the only thing I can do’, and we do it over and over and over and over again. I’m totally guilty of this! I want to be more adventurous with my hair styles but I rarely mix it up. Why? My typcial excuse is lack of time. But, you guys, that is not an excuse! Practice makes perfect when it comes to any new hair style. Yep, your mom is still right about that.

I am making a vow to you and myself that I will try more hairstyles and share them with you, failure or success! So here are a few hairstyles I’m dying to start on. I may be a little ambitious with a few, but hey a girl can dream can’t she?!
60s Half Up 
I wore my hair in a half-up hairstyle for my wedding, and I absolutely loved it! I really dig the 60s style with tons of teasing of the crown. I most likely wouldn’t add the bow, just because it’s not me, but I do think it could be adorable! Keep a few face framing bangs out or slick it all back — it’s up to you!
Twist & Pin Messy Braid

This twist & pin braid is pretty intricate! It looks harder than it is. I’ve been able to get it perfect twice! …. before bed….

The tutorial is here.

Barely Done Braid Pony
The lazy girl braid. Enough said!
Thick Summer Braid
This braid tutorial is great and reminds me of Barefoot Blonde! I like how she keeps it a little tight yet messy. It will be perfect for summer!

The Barbie High Pony
Because who doesn’t want to look like Barbie!? I love this little trick to getting the best pony. 

Messy Milkmaid Braids
How great does Jennifer Lawrence look with these milk maid braids? I love the face framing layers and the messy vibe. Totally boho, totally Chloe-esq and totally perfect for my spring/summer vibe.


The Bubble Blake Pony
I love Blake Lively. The girl can do no wrong! And this bubble pony proves her right. I am dying to try out this ‘simple, but looks complicated’ style. Here’s a great tutorial!
A Sleek Low Bun
We saw the sleek low bun all over the runways last season. I love the sexy yet chic vibe!

The Undone Up Do.
This trend we are seeing lately is messy. I love celebrating imperfections and how they make us unique — the hair department is definitely on the same boat. I love this undone up do for just about anything from a wedding to date night. Here’s a great tutorial.

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