A Lesson in Luxury Jewelry

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting the headquarters of Simon G., a very well known family owned luxury jewelry brand. It’s not every day you get to go behind the scenes and learn about such a fascinating process of how the jewelry is designed, put into production and the steps taken before you even receive it. I had no idea actual handcrafting and attention to detail taken to each and every piece Simon G creates.

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These are special new designs that have not yet come out. 

Who doesn’t love a great gold stack?

The amazing designs from the process.

These are ring molds! The process to create one of these guys is amazing.

The Simon G. team showed us the side of the jewelry we aren’t used to seeing: the making of it. The behind the scenes, nitty gritty stuff. And that side of things has so many steps! I lost track of the many stations each piece of jewelry passes through! One thing is for sure – each step is taken to ensure quality luxury jewelry. It feels good to know they take such great care in the design process. I want my precious gems in great hands, I don’t know about you!
One thing I loved about the Simon G. company is their family owned feel. The CEO took us through the Headquarters yesterday and you could completely see the passion for quality yet the warm and welcoming spirit. It was all in all a great experience. 
 A fun fact I learned from Simon G. is their customizable option – they can custom make anything you want. If you can dream it, they can do it. For all you girls who have dreamt up a ring that does not exist – lead your significant others to Simon G. I rest my case!

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