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One in four women will experience domestic violence in their
lifetime. That means you most likely have a friend, family member, teacher, who
has been affected by it. But this problem in our world is not talked about near
enough. I have partnered with Mary Kay to spread the message of awareness about
dating violence, but more importantly – how to get help.
Many young people do not know the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship or how to get help for themselves or their friends. Domestic violence is a serious and unfortunately common occurrence in the world we live today, so it’s time to spread the awareness. 
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No woman should have to feel
controlled or hurt emotionally or physically right at home.  A few weekends ago in Dallas I had the
pleasure of sitting with and talking to Abi Ferrin, talented fashion designer
and unfortunately a victim of domestic violence. Listening to her story was
hard to do, but thinking about how she actually lived it was even harder.
Thankfully, Mary Kay has teamed up with non-profit loveisrespect on the nation’s first ever text for help service.  This service is a helpline for young people that provides support 24/7.  You simply send the text “loveis” to 22522 and a peer advocate will help answer your questions.  It’s part of the Mary Kay #DontLookAway campaign.  Mary Kay’s commitment to ending domestic violence is focused on prevention and education and also supports emergency relief for survivors of abuse.  I’m honored to learn more about it and help spread the message.  

In honor of the campaign and my partnership with Mary Kay, you
can win the beautiful Edie Parker clutch (yes, one the hottest handbag
designers around) just like the one I carried to the ACMS! All you have to do
is simply leave a comment below answering what does “love is respect” mean to you in
the section below. You have until next Tuesday, May 12th to enter!
 Good Luck!

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  1. Love is Respect means recognizing that anyone you love deserves nothing less than the best person you can be. Love is respect means nothing but happiness, laughter, and great memories.

  2. LoveIsRespect is simultaneously making each other the best version of yourself while also not depending on each other for personal happiness.

  3. My heart is so heavy for those affected by domestic violence. To me, Love Is Respect is about helping save those trapped in situations like this. It's about not turning a blind eye but instead opening your arms (and your heart) to those around you.

  4. Love is Respect means mutual consideration and keeping each other on an even playing field. If you don't respect your partner, there's no way that you can love them.

  5. Love Is Respect means building each other up instead of bringing them down!!!!

  6. Love is Respect means to me that you have the support, love, and compassion from your companion! Respecting each others wants, desires, and wishes!

  7. Ah such an amazing cause and such an amazing clutch. 🙂 For me, Love Is Respect means honesty, compassion, love, and respect for each other!

  8. LoveIsRespect means encouraging the best in each other and being supportive through everything.

  9. Love is respect is standing by the person you love, respecting their decisions and always supporting them. What a great cause!

  10. "Love Is Respect" means standing not in front of your partner, not on top of them, not behind them, but right by their side. It means support, equality, strength, communication and mutual understanding. "Love Is Respect" also means that respect is love.

  11. respect is the truest form of love. if you can't respect someone, how can you possibly love them? so true!

  12. this is an amazing campaign that you're partnering with. Love is Respect means encouraging your partner to be the best version of themselves they can be and always striving to be better for them. It means acknowledging that people have different perspectives, and talking about problems calmly and respectfully.

  13. Love is Respect means trusting and supporting your partner in all things. To stand with them through everything.

  14. Love is Respect means to have an understanding and compassion for one another- always being kind even when you're furious at one another.

  15. To me, love in respect means that no matter how frustrating things can get with your partner, you two will overcome the problems together and grow to be a stronger, more understanding couple. Two people cannot always see eye to eye, but a couple who loves in respect will accept the other person for all their faults, will agree to disagree, and move on instead of wasting time being angry and spend more time being happy.

  16. Love is respect is about lifting each other up & always being kind to one another. Always put God first in your marriage & relationships & pray together & have faith in God ?

  17. For me, respect is about being understanding of your partner and caring for them, being in their corner. My motto is that I don't do anything I wouldn't want done to me – the golden rule is especially important in romantic relationships.

  18. Love is respect by accepting your quirky imperfect perfections that symbolize who you are. If you can't do it on your own, you'll never see the true reason why people love you.

  19. The first thing I think of when I see "Love is Respect" is "You are not going to talk to me like that." If someone (anyone) makes a disrespectful or downgrading comment or joke at your expense, you need to draw the line clearly and firmly that you are not the kind of person who tolerates that. Stand up for yourself even if it is "just a joke". That's what it starts with, but where could that end?

  20. Love is Respect to me means treating your partner the way you'd want them to treat me. Love should never hurt and should always build you up to be a better person.

  21. Love Is Respect.
    Such a simple concept.
    True love is unconditional.
    No blinders or positioned wool.

    Respect yourself first,
    Recognize your self worth.
    Manipulation hurts.
    Lies and excuses, the worst.

    Abuse of all kinds
    To body and mind
    Happens all the time.
    A shameful crime.

    Love Is Respect.
    Some haven't learned yet.
    For those we pray.
    Please don't look away.

  22. Love is respect means that love and respect go hand by hand. Just because I love someone doesn't give them permission to disrespect me and viceversa. And it also means that you should love yourself and shouldn't allow people to disrespect you, because if someone can't respect you and who you are, they don't love you

  23. Respect is defined as: a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way. Love Is Respect is that definition combined with the affection, compassion, and sacrifice that comes with loving someone. Love is a verb. It is a behavior not just a fleeting emotion.

  24. Love is Respect to me means treating your partner the way you'd want them to treat me. Love should never hurt and should always build you up to be a better person.

  25. Love is respect means to me taking the time and consideration to treat those we love in a thoughtful, caring way and always with regard to their feelings.

  26. Devon, I've always loved your boho style, but I now love your caring heart. While talking shop about shoes and interiors is fun (Duh!), there are serious issues, like domestic violence, that merit attention, too, and I applaud your for using your blog to raise awareness.

    Many of the previous comments state that 'love is respect' is about people treating their partners and loved ones with patience and kindness. While that's ideal, it's not reality, otherwise there wouldn't be a need for campaigns like Mary Kay's #dontlookaway. Plus, it puts the power in the hands of the abuser, and as the old saying goes, people don't change. Instead, I believe 'love is respect' is about people realizing their value and worth which translates in to self love. When they reach that point, they won't allow anyone to disrespect them, shifting the power to the hands of the abused. That's when real change occurs.

    Hopefully, I didn't get too deep, but I'm a family law attorney, and unfortunately, I witness domestic violence daily. Of course, it's depressing, but occasionally, it's inspiring to see 'love is respect' in action and to see an abused transform from a victim to a survivor.

    Megan Myers-Bell // [email protected]

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