Summer Packing: What I Can’t Leave Without

I have never been the best at packing for trips – typically, I bring everything but the kitchen sink! A girl needs her options, right? I may not be the best packer but I do know a couple of items I cannot live without when traveling during summer. These are the items I swear by no matter the location!

The chambray shirt.
I cannot live without a chambray shirt. Think about the versatility! Whether
you dress it down with a cute pair of shorts, wear it as a cover-up over your
swimsuit, or dress it up with a chic skirt, a chambray shirt has your back
(literally) and can eliminate bringing excess clothing you’ll never wear.
Cute printed pants,
shorts or skirts.
Prints are always in style and are perfect for summer
traveling. I prefer stripes personally, but there are also so many great floral
options out there!
EOS Shave cream &
lip balm
– I have used EOS shaving cream for years and swear by it! Nothing
makes my legs soft like EOS. I gladly make room for it in my toiletries bag –
totally worth it in the leg baring months.
A versatile pair of
flats other than my sandals
. Right now I’m really into espadrilles and I
love to shake things up and give my usual gladiators a break. Plus, espadrilles
are generally light and cool so you won’t be uncomfortably hot.
A neutral statement
necklace and two dainty gold necklaces.
I have been known to over pack o
jewelry in the past, which is the worst because it’s so heavy! I recently
reevaluated and realized that if I just bring one neutral statement necklace
and a few gold dainty necklaces/bracelets, I’m good to go no matter what I
wear. And that leaves me extra pounds in that suitcase!
A cool towel. To
be completely honest, this is just for photos. But it’s fun to have your own
towel to lie on and take pictures with. It doesn’t take up too much space,
either! Plus, you never know when you’ll need an extra towel.
The straw hat.
This is a big must! Not only will a great straw hat protect you, it brings the
chic to any outfit. Mix and match with every outfit – that’s my motto! I love
this one by Lack of Color. They make the best hats that won’t break the bank.

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