Orange Sunsets & Shorts

In Jamaica we got into this routine of
enjoying tea, coffee and treats from 4-5, rushing to get ready so that we could climb up the hill to watch the sunset. Sounds terrible, right? Gotta love vacation! Call us cheesy (and we are most
definitely not that kind of couple), but one of our favorite things to do
together – wherever we are – is sit down and watch the sunset. A few days into
this Jamaica trip, we discovered Lizzie’s Lookout and were hooked by the
gorgeous views.

On this particular day, we spent half the day exploring our
resort and local grounds, and the other half rained in. Luckily, the rain
stopped just in time for the golden hour and everything looked so lush! Jamaica
is truly one of the most beautifully lush places I’ve seen. I wore my new (and
super comfortable) printed orange shorts paired with an equally comfortable
lace trimmed top because we wanted to keep it casual for dinner at local
favorite, Sky Beach Bar. It turned out to be a great night eating right on the
Top: Maje // Shorts: Urban Outfitters // Bag: Chloe // Shoes: Rachel
// Necklace: Satya

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