How I Stay Inspired

As a fashion and lifestyle content creator it’s my job to do just that; create. In order to create, I have to keep my mind right and fully inspired. Working from home often requires me to be at my desk in my cave all day which can be, well, creatively draining at times. As I’ve learned more about myself over the past 4 (almost 5!) years of doing this, I know that if I’m not in a balanced place of inspiration and creativity, my work suffers. So how do I keep this balance? Well, let me tell you a little bit about it.

For starters, (almost) every day of the week I get up, I get dressed in something that makes me feel good, and I hit the magazine stand on my way to either a ritual coffee shop or one of the newest spots (there’s something popping up every day it seems like in LA!) The first part of this equation is really important: I get dressed in something that makes me feel good. There’s something about fixing myself up, even if it’s just a little bit, that makes me feel more motivated to tackle my overwhelming (at times) to do list. Since it’s starting to slowly transition into fall weather around here, my go-to feel good pieces are cashmere sweaters, plaid button downs and denim from Uniqlo

I first discovered the brand while watching nearly every single episode of What Not to Wear growing up. After throwing on a pair of the deliciously soft cashmere (100%) and flattering denim I was hooked. The attention to detail and quality you get from Uniqlo is exquisite. The company is all about innovation and technology, so they are finding cool ways to get you the best of the best without sacrificing your first born. It’s hard to believe the prices are so great! I now own 3 cashmere sweaters and I’ll definitely wear them throughout the years. I even turned Chandler on to it! Ladies, your man will thank you. And for once you will actually approve of his get up!

Sweater, Plaid Shirt & Denim: Uniqlo
Once I’m fully dressed (complete with smile, of course), I complete
a ritual from years back: I grab a magazine, a chai tea latte or coffee, and I
read /absorb. With the craziness of my job, it’s easy to let this sliver of me
time go. But like I said above, I know it’s vital for me (at least every so
often) to get inspired in my alone time and as my best friend Jana Williams
says, stay inspired.
Be sure to check out the new Uniqlo stores near you, and if
you are in the LA area, check out the Del Amo store opening soon!

Special thanks to Uniqlo for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own!

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  1. It really does make such a difference to spend even just a little time on yourself. Especially if you're self employed and don't have a dress standard to meet everyday, putting yourself together first thing starts off your day with the right energy and attitude.
    Thanks for sharing these tips!

  2. I'm in the UK but we have Uniqlo too I love their value for money and quality for that money. I am on the lookout for some cosy winter jumpers so I think this may be my next stop. Unfortunately I rarely find their jeans fit properly. Great post 🙂

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