What I Love Wednesday: Dining Room Updates, New Favorite Products & More

Who’s up for a humpday treat?! It’s What I Love Wednesday and today you’ll get a glimpse into the #AtHomeWithDevon design progress of my dining room. We’re making steps little by little. My perfectionist self wants to crawl into a hole right now, but I think it will be fun to see the progress along the way. Bare with me now.

New shoes are always fun. Senso has some of the cutest pair! Both of these are by the Aussie brand. I’m basically obsessed and will wear each through spring – mixing feminine with edgy pieces is my jam.
An outfit combo (on top) I’ve been living in lately. Shirt is from H&M, vest is from COS.

My current go to’s are: brandy pham bracelet // larsson jennings watch // LUVAJ gold necklace // Art is from Minted.

I wanted to share a bit of the progress done in our dining room – and when I say bit I mean it. We are choosing between final dining chair ideas (ditching the white- can’t decide if I want to add a bench). The light fixture is from Rejuvenation and I’m beyond in love with it. Table is from West Elm and black chairs are from Safavieh. Also waiting on a new rug to be delivered 🙂

The car print is from Minted – one of my favorite resources for prints. White tray is from West Elm (super old).

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek. Stay tuned for much much more home content as I finish my place and get a tour ready! VERY soon. 🙂

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  1. Hey gorgeous! Love this post! Where is that aztec rug from? We are furniture/decor shopping and registering, and I"m looking for a pretty aztec rug like yours that makes a statement but doesn't over power the room!

    Also, love your lace ups!

    Happy Wednesday! xo


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  3. Hey Dev! It's you bff! Omg I got the Replica as a free sample with purchase at nordys the other day and have been meaning to buy it because I LOVE the smell! Anyways, that is all. Oh and your house looks gorg. Coming along great! 🙂

    Love you!

    1. Aww Ember! Yay! Now I need that scent you were talking about. And thank you now come stay with me!!

      LOVE YOU!

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