The Power of Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Oh, our comfort zone: a
nice, cushy, lovey dovey place so great that it can be ridiculously hard to
depart from. As humans, we’re encouraged to take a step outside of it and yet
so many of us rarely do. I have to admit, at times I am guilty of getting into
a routine and whether it is subconscious or not, I stay inside the zone. I
think it’s essential to make a conscious effort to take the step outside once
in awhile. A scare yourself and then conquer the fear kind of thing.
Last weekend, I put myself to the test.

up a bit – people have suggested I take an acting class since the day I moved
here to LA. When in Rome, right? Well, it’s always been on a to-do list that I
kept tucked in the depths of my mind. I honestly thought the list wouldn’t be
crossed off. Then I get the opportunity through my dear friend and
photographer JanaWilliams to attend Dave Baez’s ‘Being Lab’. It would be all about
the preparation that goes into each performance, completing the performance,
learning how to face your fears (stage fright), and learning how to just ‘be’
through a bit of meditation. I was terrified!
has adapted to roles as an actor for years with the new movie “Mothers and
Daughters” out now and not to mention nation wide TV commercials on the reg. –
so I knew he would be great to learn from.
we started the class and he gave us our first task of dancing in front of
everyone on stage to a pre-chosen song that makes us feel something– my
stomach sank. But I must say, by the time I took my turn, the nerves turned into
feelings of accomplishment. It felt good. Each person in the workshop felt a
sense of camaraderie, absolutely no judgment and a common understanding – it
was pretty cool. I’m proud of myself!
completing the workshop, I felt compelled to write this piece because no matter
how ridiculous I looked or sounded, I faced a fear and took the fast train
outside of my comfort zone. And I couldn’t help but realize I should be doing
it more often. We all should! I want to challenge you guys to try something new
that scares you. Whatever the comfort zone is to you – just leave it for a
little while. Even baby steps are progress!
fear are you going to face? How are you going to take the plunge out of your
comfort zone? I’m dying to know – please share in the comments below J

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  1. Wonderful post!Really inspiring! Congratulations on stepping out of your comfort zone! You can be proud of yourself!

    Love that look! So feminine!

  2. I recently started a new job, 100% unrelated to anything I have done before. and it has been a month of learning from zero a job that everybody on my team has been doing for about 10 years. it definitely has been the most challenging move.

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