14 Offices That Inspired Me To Get Mine Together

Ironically, my office has been last on the list to complete in our new home. Why the heck is that? I was just discussing this topic with Mara (who just finished her office) and we laughed because we both got to the point where it was such a hot mess that we avoid it like the plague. When this happens, we tend to work anywhere and everywhere else humanly possible. And chances are you’re like me……

And chances are you’re like me – when you try and make use of the space and work at your desk, you look around and either A) want to clean everything so you, obviously, stop right then and there and clean. or B) feel so uninspired and messy crazy that you just need out of there. Can anyone else relate? I swear, I just close the door and I’m like yikes, develop a slight heavy breathing panic and then I’m like okay I gotta move rooms. But the thing is, it’s my office. I have a space, I am lucky (we are lucky) to have some chunk of space no matter how big or small, to create or do what I do. So this space needs to function!

So that’s it. I decided that I’m tackling this room head on, full force. Speedy Gonzales style. I’m ready to feel that inspiration juice. I finally have my own office!!! It’s time to actually get FULL use of it.
Now get ready, because this place is going to come together – all of the art will be here within the next week or so!

Here are some of my top office inspirations – a little unique mix of everything.

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  1. Love all these offices, I can totally see you having an office like some of these. My favorite is probably the simple one with the Cacti. Excited to see what you come up with!

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  3. I love all of these. Maybe because they seem like the occupants have a better handle on paperwork than I do? Do I want the decor or the life? Hmmmm.
    Not sure about the chairs, though. None seem very ergonomic. They are fine if you aren't spending hours a day typing.

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