5 Ways I Calm Down When Stressed

Stress is one of the most common issues we face today and I definitely have my bouts. When I start to stress, if I don’t handle properly it can turn into more stress and potentially (when it’s really bad) a panic attack. Over the past 5 years or so I’ve learned how to manage things much better, so I thought I would share 5 ways I calm down when I feel stress coming on.

1. Regular Exercise It’s crazy to look back over the past year — 7-8 months of which I did not work out regularly — and watch the difference exercise has on my stress level. During the time period I was not working out consistently I noticed several adverse effects of stress (that I’ve never seen before in myself) and since getting back into the gym, I have noticed a 100% difference.  My life + job is always going to be stressful, so it is important for me to get it all out through exercise. Chandler and I have both made a commitment to get our butts back in shape! I have become addicted to spin. 🙂

2. Take a 15-30 minute green tea + book/magazine break. Sometimes you just need to stop and take a second. I love to make a tea and sit in our kitchen nook and read a book or magazine. I’ll set a timer on my phone (trying to manage my time better, too!) and I give myself a little break to do something that makes me happy.

3. Clean something. Okay, I know this sounds ridiculous. Cleaning isn’t exactly high up on my list of favorite hobbies but when I’m stressed or anxious, it helps me take my mind off while blowing off a little steam. Try cleaning next time you are really stressed and see how much it helps – productive stress relief! 

4. Grab a headset, hook up to your phone, turn on your favorite jams and dance around your house for 2 songs. Again, I know it sounds ridiculous, but music is proven to lift the mood and dancing (even if it’s so, so bad) is great for stress relief. 

5. Throw on a sheet face mask and lay down for 15 minutes. Close your eyes and meditate. Soothing music etc. optional.

How do you manage stress?
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photos by Jordan Zobrist

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  1. Your ideas and tips are things I always resove to when I feel stressed. Distracting yourself from the now often takes your mind off the stressful thing! For me, reading, driving, and going out on walks helps me wind down and take a break from the world. People might say baths, but for me, I end up just stewing in negativity! xx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty

  2. I definitely agree with taking a break and doing something else to take your mind off of the stress. For me, I usually stop and watch an episode of something or look at some YouTube videos. I like to listen to ASMR to help me sleep or to relax. Not the creepy ones!


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