5 Things That Will Never Get Old

Today I wanted to share a fun shoot + 5 things that will never get old and always excite me. 🙂

1. Fall. Anything and everything that has to do with it. And it’s coming! I say it every year, fall is my favorite. I love the weather, the clothing, the smells, the coziness it brings. I will eat just about any pumpkin flavored item and the smell would burn throughout my house year round if I could ever stock up enough candles and wallflowers to last me. Weirdly enough, my mood is lifted and I am much more motivated in the autumn months.  I do my best work during this time. It never fails.

2. My Crosley X UO record player – thank you Urban Outfitters – playing old school Kanye (before he went all cray). “It all Falls dowwwwwnnn Oh when it all falls dowwwwwn… ” Record players are such a fun way to connect with the past and bring out a retro eclectic vibe to your space. I love nostalgia and my record collection keeps growing and growing.

3.Dancing around the house. You know me. Dancing and lip syncing are my tools to coping with situations in life. Happy, dance, sad/defeated, dance. I have a song for every emotion (like the rest of us) and sometimes it’s nice to just [close the windows] let loose for a couple minutes. Even if you are a sorry excuse for a dancer, just dance. Flail your little body around however it moves.

4. All of the clothing related to fall – menswear specifically, hence my cute white and black loafers by Madison LA x GH Bass. Fall is my season. I live to layer (give me a cape and a turtleneck combo every single day of the week) and I love love love to accessorize with fun textures.

5. Black and White Photos EVERYWHERE (vintage and new)  – Even when they are leaning up against the wall, there’s something uber chic about a black + white print. I have a huge vintage black and white photo gallery wall in my office (via Photos.com) that I cannot wait to show you the impact it makes.

photos by: Jordan Zobrith

Dress: ASOS (also love this dress + this dress & this dress) | Shoes: GH Bass x Madison LA 
Crosley x Urban Outfitters Record Player
Credenza via Chairish

Do you agree with my 5 things? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

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