How To Get Into A Skincare Routine

A couple of days ago I did a little survey on Snapchat and I asked you cuties to screenshot the topics you want to see more of on here. I was overwhelmed and excited/surprised with the results – a big thanks to everyone who participated- I do all of this for you guys, so it would be silly of me to not take your views into consideration! One of the most screenshotted options was Skincare posts. And I have definitely been meaning to do a LOT more of these for you guys. I absolutely LOVE skincare and have learned so much about it over the past couple of years and I try everything, so it’s fun for me to let you guys know what to buy and not to buy. Skincare is something I’m so passionate about and I truly believe through a good skincare routine + healthier lifestyle, you can definitely change your skin quality. Why? Because I have. And it’s kind of addicting when you start to see results of a dedicated skincare routine. My new website (YAY coming soon finally) will actually have a ‘currently testing’ feature that I can update a couple times a week to let you guys know what I’m loving and products that are working for me.

One of the biggest tips I can give is this: you’re going to have to be consistent. Develop a routine that works for you & complete it almost every morning and night if you want to see results. When friends or followers ask how my skin looks the way it does (and it’s not always clear), I let them know how relentless I am about my routine. I may not be consistent with everything, but my skincare routine has been ingrained in me – it’s a habit. You may ask, how the heck do I get into a routine. What can I do to make it easier to make myself do every day/night? What can I tell myself to scare me enough (typically my tactic) into sticking to this routine? Well, I’ll share a few ways + products to start with.

1. Keep nighttime cream + products in your nightstand. This has literally changed my life. It makes sticking to a routine so much easier – no more “oh, I’m already in bed… too tired to move” because it’s literally right there. Sorry betches.
2. Start with an easy 2-3 product/step approach to get into a routine, and add additional later. If you think about it, as long as you are developing a habit of taking care of your skin each night, it’s fine to do the bare minimum. Lazy girls rejoice!

Example Night Routine:

Step 1: Remove makeup with wipes, wash face
Step 2: Tone (I use a spray version which is a lot easier, and I don’t do this every night)
Step 3: Moisturizer + Eye Cream.

Example Morning Routine:
Step 1: Wash Face + use the wipes
Step 2: Serum + Moisturizer + Eye Cream
Step 3: SPF

So what products do you absolutely NEED to use? I’d say a good night cream + eye cream with retinol (if you are wanting to reduce lines appearing etc.) and a nice day time moisturizer. I’m not the biggest fan of daytime moisturizers with SPF personally – I find it’s better to simply use sun screen for the face. I love La Mer SPF, but if you’re looking for an inexpensive option, I also use Citrix all the time. Oh, and exfoliate 2x per week – I use Arcona Cranberry Gommage and it’s by far my favorite.

3. DO NOT use a makeup wipe alone and call it a night – this is the worst! Well, I guess sleeping in your makeup would technically be the worst (my mom hammered on this topic growing up- I can’t remember the last time I slept in my makeup, like, it’s been years).

4. Indulge in Masks. Yes, masks DO work if used regularly. So use them. I know it can be daunting if just getting into the skincare game, but I promise some of them work. I honestly like to think of my mask time as a treat, “me” time where I can relax, unplug and grab a magazine. You know everything is mental – I truly believe training my brain to love this time helps me stick with it. Plus, I see results. So there’s that.

My Top 5 Favorite Masks:
1. Shiseido Ibuki Sleeping Mask– Hands down a must buy. It’s my absolute favorite and I sleep in this at least 2x per week. On these nights, I skip the night time moisturizer + eye cream.
2. Brightening Sheet Masks from Anthropologie
3. Caudalie Mask
4. Wei masks– I recently discovered this amazing brand derived from Chinese herbs. The line started with masks and after becoming so insanely popular amongst celebs and editors, expanded into a full line. The pollution spray is also wonderful! I think my favorite part is the sheet masks come with little tweezers to grab it out of the container, which is nice. Also, the small pods come with a brush – because we should all really be brushing it on for even coverage like makeup!

5. Fresh Black Tea Perfecting Mask

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