Overalls + Off The Shoulder Blouse

I know I’m obsessing over an item when I find so many ways to wear it over and over and over. This pair of overalls from Madewell definitely qualify here. They are SO flattering and comfortable with a high end quality – I would have them on right now if they weren’t in the wash! 
Paired with an off the shoulder blouse, I love the proportion of this look. Who would have thought overalls = elevated outfit? Obsessed is an understatement.

I wore this to dinner with friends at The Doheny Room – so these overalls can definitely go from day to night which is music to my ears! Also would be perfect for casual Friday at the office – chic denim is always a good idea.

photos by: Felicia Lasala

Blouse: Boohoo (similar here & here, also love this & this)| Overalls: Madewell (ON MAJOR SALE!)| Bag: Donatienne  | Heels: Boohoo | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Lately I’ve been pairing a LOT of off the shoulder blouses with overalls. Since I fell in love with the OTS trend I have stocked up and now I’m starting to hoard overalls. I. AM. OBSESSED. Don’t be affraid to live out your childhood, people! It’s all the rage right now!

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