Favorite New iPhone Apps

After keeping this iPhone 6 – that is so on it’s last leg, might I add, needing to be put to rest– for so long, I am thrilled to team up with OtterBox to upgrade to the 7 Plus (aka basically the iPad). It’s going to be life changing. Going from the 6s to a 7 Plus will definitely an adjustment, but I know I can easily do so much more on my phone because it’s so huge! I have worried the size would be an issue, but from what I hear it’s not at all. This whole new phone situation has sparked a love for apps of all kind again and I’m sure my husband is going to kill me for all the time spent in ‘the glow’ as we call it. 

With this new brick of gold comes responsibilities. I tend to be hard on my phone and I will NOT let this one crack/break/etc. To help with this endeavor, I’ll be using my OtterBox cases to ramp up the stylish protection. OtterBox came out with the cutest and chicest line of cases that are sleek, and most importantly protective. Over the next couple of months I’ll share their newest collections for all types of devices (7 Plus and more) and I promise you’re going to be blown away. 

Since I’m all about my phone again and discovering new awesome apps left and right, I thought I would share a couple I’m obsessing over:

1. Workfrom- FINALLY someone came out with something like
this – find locations to work from in your area based on criteria you select.
Literally life changing.
2. Peloton- The at home spin bike brand also has an app
where you can access live spin classes from the Peloton studio. All you need is
an open bike. There’s a free 14 day trial and it’s only 5$ a month to access
the classes from your phone. I love to use these in the spin room at my gym
alone – such a great workout and way to get used to spinning if you’re a
3. WhenToPost- This app analyzes your followers and gives
short and sweet data on when to post on Instagram. It will also send
notifications to alert you.
4. Direct TV- did you know that you can stream without using
up your data on AT&T if you have Direct TV? Chandler and I recently
discovered and constantly stream our shows on the go. Are we weird? It’s super
entertaining and makes road trips go by so much faster!

5. Audible – I LOVE this app! I said it recently but I can’t
sing the praises more. Listen to books on audio from their huge selection. Great
for car rides, too.

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