How I Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is key to all around happiness in my book. Towards the beginning of this year (and some of last), I slipped into a rut and didn’t feel like myself. I am normally very motivated and goal oriented, but I just felt over it. It wasn’t anything overly serious, but I knew I needed to make adjustments to my lifestyle so that I could get motivated again and stay that way, damnit! Have you ever felt this way? It doesn’t matter what your job or life is like, sometimes we just slip into it. But we CAN claw our way out, people. We can.
I can successfully say that I am 90% motivated again (when my new website is complete, this will increase to 100%:) ) and after some trial and errors in lifestyle changes over the past year, I have come up with a couple tips to stay that way.

1.        Get into a sleep schedule- If you read any studies about how to get up earlier, make the most of your day, etc., most show that we’re best when we are on a sleep schedule. Meaning we try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. For some of us, this is definitely realistic, others not so much. I say do the best you can to get a schedule. Do this one thing for yourself! I can speak to how much it has changed my life over the past year or so. Typically, I’ll try to get in bed by 9:45 or 10. I know this sounds so crazy – I used to be up until 3AM on occasion (just working or pintresting or IGing) and wondered why I felt horrible every day – then I’ll wake up around 5:45 or 6:00. I adjust this of course, but my body is now used to it and it allows me to make time for myself, which is my next tip.
2.       Make time for yourself- It’s so easy to get wrapped up in work or life and not take time to do the things we love. I think sometimes we feel guilty – at least I do – and we shouldn’t. Doing this over and over will become a habit and before you know it, you’re never doing things that make you happy and things go south. Make a new habit of spending 30 minutes to an hour (I split this time up into 30 minutes for morning and 30 in the late afternoon/evening).
I’ve learned that through getting up earlier, I can start my day earlier and designate my 30 minutes. I either use this time to get inspired through reading magazines, devotionals, sipping coffee by my window – cheesy, yes, but I look forward to this time and I never feel rushed to get it in when I wake up on my schedule. And let’s be honest, sometimes I’ll spend the whole 30 minutes on my phone doing who knows what – as long as it makes me happy. 

3.       Working out + balanced diet- Keeping off the 15 pounds I lost over the past 5 months is such a big motivator for me. I am goal oriented, so I know that I’m happiest when I’m working towards a goal. Try jotting down a few of your own goals, how you’re going to make it happen and stick to this! Consistency is key.

4.     Call on a buddy. Nothing helps me get out of a bad mood or rut than sharing + spending time with a trusted friend. Be open with your feelings to this person so they can keep you accountable and ask you how you’re doing. They care about you and once things are back on track, you’ll both feel better. Being vulnerable brings us closer together!

photos by: Jordan Zobrist 
A lot of this is a cycle. Once you get into a routine of a
sleep schedule, you’ll wake up earlier and happier, then you’ll be able to get
in that workout class and in turn releasing endorphins and all kinds of
goodness. See what I mean? Then you’ll feel more in control and able to allow
yourself a bit of ‘ me time’  – I really
hate that phrase but I can’t think of anything else. Remember to keep your eye
on the prize and work towards a goal. I hope this helped you add a little
motivation if you needed it or share with a friend!

How do you stay motivated?

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