How To Make A Fancy 6 Loop Bow (EASILY!)

My mom is literally the Christmas Queen and not only does she deck her halls magnificently, she also is an expert in bow-tying. She taught me her ways a while back and although it takes me a few tries each year to get my groove back, I always love how easy it is to create such a shi-shi bow. Sooo I decided to share her ways in this step by step loop bow tutorial. Merry Christmas babes! 

1. Tie a ribbon around your subject (package, wreath, whatever) and in a knot. You will use this to attach your finished pretty bow, so be sure the ends are long enough!
2. Holding the ribbon in your hand, make 6 or 7 loops around your hand (loops should be about 6 inches in diameter for a medium sized bow)
3. Fold the loops in half. 

4. At the mid-point of the fold, cut the corners off at 45 degree angle on each side.

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5. Unfold the ribbon and tie it to the package (from step 1)

6. Create the bow shape by pulling the loops up and down until you finish both sides.
7. Then you are done! So easy! You may need to adjust the position of each loop, but that’s okay. And it’s best to use a stiffer, wire filled ribbon – makes things a lot easier. Once you practice, it’s even faster and you’ll impress everyone you gift. 🙂

Sweater: H&M (so cute and comfy) | Jeans: Paige Denim (my absolute favorite)
photos by: Jordan Zobrist
And just like that, you’ll have a bow that will impress everyone! It’s actually simple, too. That’s the only kind of DIY I get myself involved in, people. 😉
Merry Christmas my loves!
Oh, and if you try it out, please let me know in the comments or send me photos!

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