Holiday Gift Wrap DIY + Ideas

Can you guys believe Christmas is next weekend? It’s crazy how time flies!

I figured there are some people like me – still wrapping presents, or better yet buying them – so I wanted to share how I do my DIY wrapping paper + bows.

I’m crazy with my wrapping paper + ribbon combos and I do my best to NEVER give a gift in a (gasp) bag with tissue paper. But it’s not like I buy the craziest, most expensive wrapping paper and ribbon! I’m all about creating your own cool and unique paper – out of black paper, butcher paper, newspaper or this cute festive red and green from JO-ANNS- YES, JO-ANN’S!

 And when it comes to the ribbon and “garnish” on top (if you will), I like to grab an ornament, holly or branches from my own tree. See all my favorite combos below:

Option 1: Paint your own! Butcher Paper / Black Paper with white or silver messy paint strokes. I forgot my favorite technique, splatter painting (which looks even better)during this. When you wrap a present in all black paper or butcher, grab your favorite color paint, dip the brush and splatter away! Just be sure you do this in a safe place – ha! And you’ll be surprised how fast they dry!

– In my opinion, this combo works best with twine ribbon and branches. Mix it up and use silver wrapping paper too!

Option 2: Printed Paper (red and green holly) with simple white and red bow:

I decided to keep it to 1 printed paper this year with all the rest solid or DIY. In my opinion, this just looks more uniform and pleasing to the eye. I still cannot believe I forgot to add in my splatter paint option – I’ll have to show you guys when I’m wrapping later on. Maybe in a IG Live or Snapchat video!

Option 3: All Black with Twine + Twig/Branches

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. I found this black paper at Jo-Ann’s in the crafting section (not wrapping paper) and it looks really cool and chalky, which I love.

The black is my favorite paper to splatter on – again, so sad I forgot to show you this technique I love!

Option 4: Silver or Rose Gold with natural twine ribbon or a thin black and white bohemian ribbon + Ornaments.

I reallly love how understated a solid color + twine ribbon look together – and for those special gifts, adding an ornament is such a gorgeous touch. And inexpensive!

Where to find cute wrapping paper- I ALWAYS find the best wrapping paper at Homegoods. I don’t know why they stock it up so well, but they do. So if you aren’t into this natural DIY approach, hit up your local store.

photos by: Jordan Zobrist

Materials: All Paper & Ribbon is from Jo-Ann’s! 
Butcher Paper
Black Paper
Silver Paper
Rose Gold Paper
Red & Green Paper

Black & White Ribbon
Thick Twine
Red & White Stripe Ribbon

Acrylic Paint in your choice of colors

I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY! Please let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions below 🙂

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  1. Lovely. I save our blank newsprint from the paper and make my own wrapping paper using paints in a similar fashion. Sometimes I just use an ink stamp to make an all over pattern. Cheap and cheerful. This year I opted for a red and white theme with pinecone garnishes.

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