My Ipad Saga



I recently upgraded from a very old and very large iPad thanks to my sweet Husband’s Christmas gift. I am now the proud owner of a perfectly sized (some may argue not much larger than my actual phone, whatevs) iPad Mini 4 and I couldn’t be happier. I find myself watching video content a lot more often these days, so this little guy is perfect. Plus, it’s really easy to blog and get work done on the go. But I have to say, this new boo would be worthless without a good case. And I’ll admit – before I received my new (and FREAKING CUTE) Otterbox Symmetry Series Folio case, we had a little tumble. And by little tumble, I mean actually little! I had my ipad propped up against my new (and also really cute) retro Smeg toaster and it literally fell from the toaster, to my counter, as in it really only fell a small distance. Bam. It’s cracked. I literally had the thing for 1.5 weeks. Needless to say, many $$$ later, I have a new iPad and it will not be without an Otterbox case ever again. By the way, has anyone ever encountered something similar? So curious.




leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-3 leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-5leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-4 leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-6 leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-7


I am obsessed with this case. Not only is the color and texture super chic and appealing, the functionality is music to my ears. It’s safely tucked in yet it’s easy for me to use all buttons as well as to stand up. Basically, this is your case if you spend time working on an ipad, watching TV, or if you simply want the option to stand it up.

leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-8    leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-13leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-11leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-9leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-16 leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-17leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-14leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-22  leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-21 leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-23leopard-coat-denim-otterbox-20


And for my outfit, I love layering tees, denim and leopard together. It makes for such a wild but tame combo if that makes any sense at all. Plus, since the weather warms throughout the day in LA, I can remove a layer or add if needed. What is your go to look?



photos by: Jordan Zobrist



Outfit: H&M Tee | Lulu’s Denim Shirt | ASOS Jeans | H&M Coat | Louis Vuitton Bag | Celine Sunglasses

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  1. I absolutely loved this post. I could not keep my eyes off of your print jacket, it’s amazing! Where did you find that Otterbox case? I have a bright pink one for the same exact reason. Mine fell from the couch to the rug and shattered… mind was blown and I completely agree that it will never be naked again!

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