5 Things I Need On the Go


It’s no secret, I’m always on the go. I must say, I believe that behind every girl on the go there are a few products/things making it all happen. Here are the 5 things I need while on the go (aka on the reg). Each are life-changing and life saving.


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  1. My iPad and iPhone, obviously, but I need to specify they must be in an OtterBox case of some kind. I’m done with worrying about my screens and if they can withstand the on the go lifestyle I live. I am loving this sleek navy leather and clear Statement Series case for my iPad. The protection on this bad boy is insane, and in my opinion makes you look cooler at the same time. It is not bulky at all and slides right into most designer bags 😉 Not to worry darlings!
  2. SK-II Mid- Day Essence Spray. It’s life changing.
  3. Charlotte Tilbury lip pencil in ‘Pillow Talk’ and Buxom lip plumping gloss in ‘Mudslide’.
  4. A spare pair of flats – I know I sound like your mom but seriously, I keep a pair in my car and in totes if I’m wearing anything remotely close to uncomfortable. And unfortunately, that happens to be a lot of the shoes I wear.
  5. My go to similar shaped trio: Tide Pen, Rollerball Perfume (right now I’m loving Balenciaga, Stella McCartney & Elizabeth and James Nirvana), Deodorant (more on that later, loving Aesop).


Is it just me or does everyone have a weird list of necessary on the go items? Let me know your necessities in the comments below!




Thanks to Otterbox for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love your outfit! I want to see the shirt your wear ^^ it looks so nice.
    For me, I think I will add a small notebook on the list because I prefer writing than typing what I need with phone 😀 Thank you for the list, I think I should add a pair of flats like you.

  2. #1 my SeneGence lipsense gloss 2. My AdvoCare spark 3. My cell phone 4. Flats 5. My SeneGence eye luminator

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