Getting Out Of My Workout Comfort Zone: How I Got Addicted To Spin + Why You Should Try It

A little over 1 year ago,  I decided to try a spin class offered at a gym I recently joined. It wasn’t my first time to spin, I’d tried Flywheel once or twice a while ago, but to be completely honest, the first time I HATED it (not Flywheel itself, just spin in general) and the second time I hated it 30% less (1 year between each visit).  Mind you, this came prior to a full year, basically, of zero consistent exercising – which is very unlike me (read about my weight loss journey). I was out of shape, in need of motivation and at a low point with self esteem due to the changes in my body.


I’ve tried so many forms of workouts and aside from my many years as a competitive dancer + a random cardio kickboxing phase in college, I’ve never, ever, found a workout that I truly enjoy. Back to a year ago: I decided to give up my preconceived notions of spin in general and tried the spin class at my gym. I loved it. I didn’t think it could get much better until one day when the instructor canceled, so I thought, oh what the hell let’s try Soul Cycle.

Mind. Blown. I instantly understood why people flock to the studios chomping at the bitt to get on a bike. Towels are provided at each pre-cleaned bike, which already has weights ready for you. The locker-rooms are pristine and they even provide great products in case you forget (girl, you got that body on your mind!). But the part that did it for me was the music, the intense amazing work out (burning 1,000 calories), and the feeling I felt during + after (well after). There is something about the energy at SoulCycle that is different than any of it’s competitors in my opinion. I’m on a bike in Brian’s class at Beverly Hills at least 2x per week for the past year and my body is completely different.


Not only is the physical result rewarding, but my endurance to now mix in other workouts that I would’ve been TERRIFIED to try in the past is so, so exciting.

I recently discovered a great article from a writer who shares how she started spinning and the 8 things she wishes she knew upon starting. I highly recommend reading the article, period, but especially if you are intimidated to try SoulCycle. One thing I would add to her 8: you’ll start to favor an instructor and they will continuously make your day.

So many of you have shared your journey with weight loss and Soul Cycle – keep them coming! If you try it for the first time or make it back after reading this, please let me know and share in the comments. We’re all in this together! xx

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  1. OMG, I was just wondering about spin and your journey and missing your posts and bam! Here you are posting about the very thing I’ve been curious about! Thank you, Devon. There isn’t a Soul Cycle location near me, but my gym does offer cycling classes and as someone who was a runner and had to give it up due to an injury, the only cardio my doctor will permit is cycling. I think I’ll give it a whirl! I also read the article on Self and am thankful for the info. Thanks for passing along the link!

  2. this speaks to me so personally- thank you! However, I was on the track of 2x a week with Soul Cycle in Westport CT and I haven’t gone in like 2 months and I NEED to get back in there!!!!
    ps I also love the last song before the cool down where they give you inpiration for the day!!

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