Top 8 Podcasts + Striped Blazers

I am ALWAYS on the go. Because of this, a couple of years ago I got really into Audible and listening to books, so it was only natural that I start dipping into the Podcast pond as well. I had no idea where to start, so I looked to some of my fave bloggers/friends/family for recommendations.

Because I found this truly helpful, I decided to share my current top 8 favorite podcasts so you can get to listening. Yep, top 8 Myspace style baby!













  1. Straight up with Stassi– This podcast was basically my introduction to podcasts. She. Cracks. Me. Up. I am a Bravohollic, but I do have to say she started to rub me the wrong way on Vanderpump Rules- until I started to listen to this podcast. You get to know her, and she is RAW and REAL. I have told so many people about it and I have yet to hear any complaints. If you want to laugh and forget your troubles, check her out!
  2. Goal Digger SUCH a genius name to start and I was SO excited to discover this podcast. If you’re an entrepreneur or a business minded person period, I would highly highly recommend Goal Digger. Jenna’s realistic and creative approach to this industry is both refreshing and exciting. I learn something with every episode and leave with a smile on my face. Definitely give this one a try.
  3. Chrisley Confessions– I need to give my Sister-In-Law, Morgan, credit for this one. She recommended I listen to Todd and Julie Chrisley (we are fans of the show) and of course, I’m obsessed. It’s kind of like a Dr. Laura (lol, with Dr. Todd Chrisley HA!) where they discuss life + listeners call for advice. People have some CRAZY stories with family, life, etc and it’s highly entertaining plus HIGHLY HILARIOUS!
  4. Rise Podcast– When I discovered Rachel Hollis and everything she creates/stands for, it was one of those “where the hell have I been” moments. Rachel is life. Not only does she have a killer blog + raw self help podcast, she has also written several best selling books, her newest (MY FAVORITE) is Girl, Wash Your Face. A must read!
  5. Joyce Meyer– Oh Joyce. She gets me through a lot! I have been a big fan of the Christian speaker, Joyce Meyer, because she is straight forward and encouraging at the same time. She has 2 podcasts available daily, and I know you will love it!
  6. Rise Together– I get a lot of questions about tips on relationships etc. and I am excited to share this podcast with you. Rachel Hollis and her husband Dave Hollis recently started a couples show, which I now regularly listen to. It’s so nice to hear both sides of their opinions and it truly helps me to think differently. Such a good one!
  7. Gary V Audio Experience– If you need a good pep talk or NO BS kick in the ass, I would highly recommend Gary V! I listen to him
  8. Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast– My girlfriend Lauryn, who writes The Skinny Confidential, and her husband Michael have an amazing podcast together- it is truly refreshing Lauryn is just plain refreshing, period. If you don’t know Lauryn’s work, you should. She is a gem of a human and her authenticity shines through on the podcast. You’ll laugh, cry and learn something for SURE.


What are your favorite podcasts? Do you listen to any of these? Do share your thoughts in the comments below!


Blazer: Scotch & Soda

Shirt: Vince (similar)

Jeans: Mother Denim

Heels: Manolo Blahnik BB Pump

Bag: Sophie Hulme

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  1. The DM Show is really good too. Two best friends discussing everything from pop culture to all the things that happen in your DM’s.

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