Gotta Start Somewhere...

January 3, 2011

(Cape: Forever21- Jewerly: Michael Kors, David Yurman, Max&Chloe- Shorts: Lulus- Shirt: Thrifted- Shoes: DSW)

Hello there everyone! I'm sure I'll hear crickets chirping in a second, as there are most likely no people reading my blog, but that soon will change- hopefully! This blog is my daily expression of style. Each day I will post an outfit, where it is from as well as my inspirations. I am constantly inspired and constantly learning. Here is my outfit today. I hope everyone continues to visit my blog and enjoys reading. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions or ideas! 

All my love,


  1. I love your cape!

    Good luck with the blog.


  2. u have a bright future ahead of u

  3. Welcome! I'd say you are starting out pretty strong with this lovely outfit! Can't wait to see more :)

  4. Found you on Chictopia! Love your styles. Good luck and keep blogging! :D


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