Tomboy Chic

    I’m always on the hunt for a great pair of non-denim pants/trousers. Is it just me or is this hard to find? I swear I’m either in jeans, leather pants or some skirt/dress situation! So I’m determined to add more pants into my life and get rid of the many I own and no longer wear in my closet. 

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Living Room Design

Surprise! Welcome to the new and improved – I’ll share more about this exciting transition in my next post (coming shortly). It’s a new year, new me (HA- hate that saying) and a new site, I couldn’t be happier! I wanted to finally share my living room design that I teamed up with Havenly to create. Havenly is an awesome e-design service for people who love design but lack the time to find every single piece or people who want the help of an interior designer…

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Red Mini Skirt

Who would have thought such a loud and vibrant skirt could make it’s way into my wardrobe and become quite the staple? At first, I didn’t! It wasn’t until I brought the eccentric Topshop number home and tried it on again with different pieces that I realized how surprisingly versatile it was. Throw it on with a t-shirt, tights, flats and a cool long jacket for a completely different look. You could even pair with a cool button down or tee with sneakers! And then the obvious…

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