Casual Camel + Black

  I love sleek black and camel street wear. Whoever decided athleisure was going to be the thing deserves a huge smooch on the lips. I’m all about the casual minimalistic vibes these days and it goes in my wardrobe as well as my tech accessories. Along with my comfortable H&M men’s hoodie, Zara leggings, ASOS Coat and Nike trainers, I paired my new favorite (and protective) Otterbox Statement Series case in Mauve. 

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My Ipad Saga

  I recently upgraded from a very old and very large iPad thanks to my sweet Husband’s Christmas gift. I am now the proud owner of a perfectly sized (some may argue not much larger than my actual phone, whatevs) iPad Mini 4 and I couldn’t be happier. I find myself watching video content a lot more often these days, so this little guy is perfect. Plus, it’s really easy to blog and get work done on the go. But I have to say, this new boo…

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Tomboy Chic

    I’m always on the hunt for a great pair of non-denim pants/trousers. Is it just me or is this hard to find? I swear I’m either in jeans, leather pants or some skirt/dress situation! So I’m determined to add more pants into my life and get rid of the many I own and no longer wear in my closet. 

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