A Day In My Life: Summer Edition

June 23, 2016

Like most of us, my daily routine changes up a bit in summer months. The air is hotter and everything becomes a bit relaxed (as relaxed as a go-go-go-girl like myself can do). I definitely find myself more dehydrated (obviously), so one aspect of my routine that changes is the increase in water.

My Hunt For The One

June 22, 2016

Believe it or not, the process of finding nightstands was, well, a process. It’s completely personal. I knew we wanted to have as much storage as possible, and something sleek/modern, so I set out on a wild goose hunt. It was like I dated a few pairs here and there, for a month or so, but hadn’t found the one. Sure, they were all really good looking but after a while I changed my mind and couldn’t settle on one for the long haul (heh). As a matter of fact, so many of my friends say the same thing: it takes time to narrow down the best option but the hunt can be well worth it in the end. Much like the search for Mr. Right – am I right? And for me, it was. Everything changed when I discovered Shop Candelabra – an online mecca of chic interior d├ęcor and furniture.

Vintage Levis + Tan Suede Moto Jacket

June 20, 2016

 When you find a good pair of vintage Levi's, you hold onto them like your life depends on it. I had a hard time locating the best pair for me (and I still love all types of fits) until I discovered Redone.

14 Offices That Inspired Me To Get Mine Together

June 16, 2016

Ironically, my office has been last on the list to complete in our new home. Why the heck is that? I was just discussing this topic with Mara (who just finished her office) and we laughed because we both got to the point where it was such a hot mess that we avoid it like the plague. When this happens, we tend to work anywhere and everywhere else humanly possible. And chances are you're like me......
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