Overalls + Off The Shoulder Blouse

October 27, 2016

I know I'm obsessing over an item when I find so many ways to wear it over and over and over. This pair of overalls from Madewell definitely qualify here. They are SO flattering and comfortable with a high end quality - I would have them on right now if they weren't in the wash! 
Paired with an off the shoulder blouse, I love the proportion of this look. Who would have thought overalls = elevated outfit? Obsessed is an understatement.

New Source of Entertainment

October 25, 2016

Although I do not go into an office every day and technically work from ‘home’, I am actually commuting more often than you think. They say people who live in LA spend the majority of time in a car and ‘they’ are definitely right. And this time spent in vehicles can easily go south considering the amount of road rage you also develop. Music is cool and all, but these days I’m trying to learn and better myself in any and every way possible –

Office Black & White Gallery Wall

October 24, 2016

I am beyond excited to share a fun project I worked on with the amazing Photos.com - my absolute favorite resource for framed photos. 

As you all know, my office has been the last on my design to-do list. Go figure! The place I should spend the most time. Ha! In my own defense, I've had the vision of what I wanted it to look like in my head the whole time, so it's just been a matter of actually getting it all together. You know how that goes!

How To Get Into A Skincare Routine

October 21, 2016

A couple of days ago I did a little survey on Snapchat and I asked you cuties to screenshot the topics you want to see more of on here. I was overwhelmed and excited/surprised with the results - a big thanks to everyone who participated- I do all of this for you guys, so it would be silly of me to not take your views into consideration! One of the most screenshotted options was Skincare posts. And I have definitely been meaning to do a LOT more of these for you guys. I absolutely LOVE skincare and have learned so much about it over the past couple of years and I try everything, so it's fun for me to let you guys know what to buy and not to buy. Skincare is something I'm so passionate about and I truly believe through a good skincare routine + healthier lifestyle, you can definitely change your skin quality. Why? Because I have. And it's kind of addicting when you start to see results of a dedicated skincare routine. My new website (YAY coming soon finally) will actually have a 'currently testing' feature that I can update a couple times a week to let you guys know what I'm loving and products that are working for me.
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