My First Vlog: Come Shopping with Me + NYE Trip

Hey Babes! I have to say that I am both excited and terrified to share my first Vlog with you! ‘Amp Up Youtube Channel’ has been on my goal list for a while now, so it’s about time.   I’m a perfectionist. And as many of you know, being a perfectionist can hinder you in so many ways! I’m trying to outsmart my mind and breakaway from the perfectionistic prison where I often find myself, so I decided to just open up my doors in the most…

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Tips on Feeling More Confident

Confidence is something we all lack at times and yet I feel like the topic isn’t discussed enough. I’ve always been a confident person, but like everyone else (and especially with my job) I find myself lacking and doubting my abilities from time to time. When this happens, I try to quickly snap the hell out of it – here are 8 tips I use to reign myself back in:

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Tommy Hilfiger Post

Before we even get into this exciting post, I feel like I need to touch on the fact that if 6 years ago you told me I’d shoot a video for an iconic brand like Tommy Hilfiger x Macy’s in my Los Angeles apartment, I’d think you were crazy. This career is a dream-come-true and although it hasn’t been a cakewalk to get to this point (and trust me I have a way to go), it’s been a journey well worth the struggles and triumphs along the…

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