Lucy in the sky

February 2, 2011

Vest: Vintage
Blouse: Nordstrom
Skirt: Forever21
Heels: MIA
Jewelry: Max&Chloe, Michael Kors, David Yurman, Forever21

Hello my dolls! So the weather here is absolutely awful and the roads are worse! Classes have been canceled, meetings rescheduled, and we are all experiencing a little cabin fever. Not to mention our pipes froze, so we have no water. Overall this weather was cute for a minute and its really not anymore. But enough ranting from me, I made the best of the chilly temps and threw on my new vintage fur vest with a maxi skirt and floral blouse (just because it isn't spring doesn't mean it isn't in my mind). I can't express enough my love for the classic maxi skirt. It is my new go to piece for errands- its so easy to throw on! I'm finding myself drooling over these skirts as I pick through the racks of various stores, not able to resist trying them on and spinning around in front of the mirror. For the spring and summer, I will be living in these skirts and I predict that they'll be in everyone's closet, too. So scout out your favorite one, and get excited to mix up your look this spring. You'll be stylin'!

Have a fashionable day! :)

xox, Dev 

Stay tuned for some great pics of girls I styled this week :)


  1. Love the vest and the floral top - so pretty!!

  2. were you hit by the blizzard! i live in chicago and i am practically caved in my house!

    i love the floral blouse and vest ;)

    ...look closer

  3. You're adorable. Nice blog. And Mia's are so comfy aren't they. I'm wearing some today and will show you later (via the blog world). I wish I had yours though. -Rachel

  4. You are sucha doll!

    Love the blouse!


  5. This outfit is perfection-floral print, fur, and a maxi skirt-love!


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