My humble abode

February 22, 2011

Blazer: Tulle
Trousers: Paraella
Blouse: Vintage
Shoes: Anne Michelle
Bag: Michael Kors
Glasses: Chanel
Jewelry: Michael Kors, F21, Seasonal Whispers

Hi dolls! I know, I know... I'm such a bad blogger.. life is very hectic right now so its been hard for me to snap a few pics in-between it all. But don't you worry, I'm baaaack! It is my dream to be able to focus solely on my blog and career- one day! Enough about that, back to the fashion.

Because it gets dark so early these days, and my various "photographers" schedules, I decided to take pictures inside. So I introduce my little bedroom to you all! I'm big on the vintage-y gold and jade green (if you didn't notice). I wanted my room to be a place where I can be creative as well as relax. I think I've constructed something a little similar to my idea!

Like I always say, I am constantly inspired by my surroundings. One of my present surroundings and future dilemmas is what to wear to my "real job" in the future. I like to create outfits that us budding careerists (or veteran careerists) can wear to work or interviews, without looking completely monotone. Try bright colors with a neutral bottom, and tie it together with a fitted blazer or sequined jacket like mine. Never be afraid to mix and match even in the work place. Remember: bright colors brighten your day! So when that stressful day at work comes up, you'll be fully prepared to shoo it away.

Have a fashionable day!

xox, Devon


  1. You look absolutely stunning! And I adore your outfit. It looks like you have a lovely room, as well!

  2. Nice style !
    Look my blog and follow me if you want xxx

  3. I love your booties!<3

    ♥ Kisses ♥

  4. loveee your style :)

  5. Howdy from a fellow Texan! I've really enjoyed reading your blog. You have great style!

    Now following =)


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