Ring Bling

May 8, 2012

ring c/o Anjolee

You may have seen me sporting a new addition to my fingers lately; a simple, silver and bling coated band that speaks a lot louder than you'd think. Made by the fantastic online diamond jewelry store, Anjolee, this ring is not only perfect for an anniversary, it's perfect for any day! With as much jewelry and color as I wear day to day, it gets a little overwhelming (and heavy) on my hand. With this new ring, I've been able to make a statement in such an easy way. Adding a bigger ring on the next finger creates a great look, too! 

Anjolee is definitely a great source for diamond anniversary rings. Although mine wasn't purchased for this reason, I do love their selection of anniversary rings. And the fact that you can personalize each ring in less than 10 minutes. Thats some serious shopping, people. 
Check out Anjolee to pick out your new diamond anniversary rings or every day rings!


  1. Your accessories are always to die for. I'll be sure to check out their site.

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. My wedding band looks just like that. So classic, love it!


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