YouTube: Affordable & Unconventional Home Decor!

March 6, 2013

After so many technical difficulties with my camera, YouTube, and pretty much anything bad that could happen regarding this process, I present to you my next video on affordable/unconventional home decor! I hope you guys like it and be sure to subscribe to my channel, DevonRachelStyle for all the fun videos I upload!


  1. I LOVE World Market too!! Half the stuff in my apartment is from there :) So inexpensive yet cute.

    Loved this video


  2. I loved this video! You have the most creative ideas, too. Totally just ordered that tumbler from West Elm to use as a vase ;)

  3. This post is extremely helpful- now I'm trying to burn one of my decorative candles so I can use the votive as a vase! I will definitely refer my blog readers to this post, it goes right along with my brand!

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