Petite & Tall: How To Wear Colorful Suits

April 24, 2013

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Zzzzzzzz.... normal suits can be such a snooze. Say bye-bye-bye to that boring neutral and embrace the new colorful suit trend! Sydne and I show you how to rock the trend for your body type on today's episode of Petite & Tall. 

Have questions about how to rock any trends on your body or even a question about how I dress mine? We want to hear them! We'll be sitting down next week to answer your questions. :)

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  1. Great tips, I'm not as tall as you Devon but if I wear the same colour from head to toe it will be too much for sure. I love the yellow suit Sydne is wearing... I'd kill for at least the blazer. (also together you girls did the yellow purple combo, my favourite haha!)

  2. ha ha love the petite and tall posts:) I just bought my first maxi skirt and as a petite girl, I never thought I could pull it off...

  3. Great video on how to incorporate color in your look. Thanks for doing this.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Striped Trench'.


  4. I love these cute videos Devon! Great tips, I definitely agree with you. Color should be kept on top for us tall girls.

    Chelsea & The City


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