Palm Springs Road Trip

July 18, 2013

You may have noticed (if you follow my Instagram) my fun little road trip to Palm Springs last weekend with my two blogger babes Kelly & Beth. Palm Springs is one of the best places to shop for vintage pieces whether you're looking for home decor or the best vintage dress. Some of my favorite pieces in my home were found at thrift stores in Palm Springs for ridiculously low prices. If you've got patience, you can find some pretty amazing things.

To look the part, we were so excited to partner with JustFab and deck ourselves out in their FABulous accessories. I kid you not, I wore these wedges ALL DAY! Talk about well made shoes.

As you all know, I'm still pretty new to the LA (California, for that matter) area so I was thrilled when Kelly & Beth decided to share their favorite places to vintage shop. All three of us truly love to find vintage pieces, so I knew we would have a blast! It was hot, but we didn't let that (or high heels) stop us from our hunt.

First up was an amazing thrift store called Angel View. With two storefronts in one, this store was loaded with great finds. Kelly found some beautiful cocktail glasses for an amazing price! Beth found a fabulous belt that I wanted to rip out of her hands.

Next, we headed to Dazzles where we were submerged in beautiful decor with amazing colors! Trina Turk is a regular at this hot spot and we could definitely understand why. Not only did they have the most amazing furniture and decor, they have cases and cases of gorgeous jewelry. I'm talking CASES.

We then headed to the Palm Canyon Galleria where we fell in love with the store Bon Vivant. From vintage Dior to YSL, this high end vintage boutique was the best place for one of a kind gifts. And we also fell madly in love with this precious pup (complete with chic collar).

To end the trip we visited both of the Revivals locations (Palm Springs + Cathedral City) and these are my favorites. Last time I was in Palm Springs with Kelly, I found so many great home accessories! This is not like any other thrift store. With an enormous selection of home decor and furniture at hard to believe prices, Revivals is my #1 stop in Palm Springs. I'm serious, people.

Check out JustFab's Facebook Page to discover your getaway style and receive 25% off JustFab shoes through July 22nd!

What I'm Wearing:
Top: Anthropologie | Shorts: Gap | Kimono/Jacket: Vintage | Wedges: JustFab | Bag: JustFab | Necklace + Bracelet: JustFab |

Photos by: FredBaby

Check out Kelly & Beth's sites to see what they wore ;)


  1. looks like a fun weekend. Love all the beautiful pictures and your amazing outfit. Special the wedges. You look so pretty.
    xo, Petra

  2. you look so cute! what a great outfit - love the kimono/jacket!!

  3. This looks like such a fun trip Devon! I love the extra height those fabulous wedges give you.

    Chelsea & The City

  4. That Kimono is seriously amazing - and I may be crazy but you and Beth could be sisters! That photo of the two of us is too much xx

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  6. That looks like such a fun trip! Vintage store shopping with my girlfriends is an all-time favorite!


  7. Palm Springs sounds like an awesome place to shop! I love looking around vintage shops and finding really individual pieces.

    Lucy x

  8. I always love that you seem to have so much fun in your posts! I love visiting vintage and thrift stores you can find pieces for such a steal!


    Five Minute Style 

  9. Very nice photos, looks like you had an amazing little road trip! xx

  10. This looks so fun! Your adorable :) I love your blog!!

    Xo, Kahana

  11. I'm loving those wedges!

    XO Alex

  12. This looks like heaven, pure heaven! I can only imagine the fun the three of you had :)

    xx, Kylie Rae
    Shimmer Me Pretty

  13. I LOVE that first picture!! Too cute!! Looks like such a blast!

  14. What a great friends weekend captured in pictures. Love vintage stores. We don't have much where I live, but when I go up north I like to hit a couple of my favorites in NYC.


  15. Love the shoes and looks like everyone had a great time! Great group of girls!

    xo Rin
    Ramblings with Rin

  16. Looks AMAZING! cannot believe I have still never been to Palm Springs!

  17. I always love that you seem to have so much fun in your posts! I love visiting vintage and thrift stores you can find pieces for such a steal! That looks like such a fun trip! Vintage store shopping with my girlfriends is an all-time favorite!

  18. I gotta get to palm spring asap!! Thanks for sharing.
    Stay Amazing

  19. The photos from this road trip are super cute and it looks like you gals had an amazing time. Your outfit is fab too! Love the summer-y colours and your JustFab accessories and shoes really finishes your look.


  20. Looks like a great weekend. I'm dying to go there! Love the kimono.


  21. Great post! I really like those Just Fab wedges. I clearly missed them when I checked out the site this month. It's good to know that they're comfy, too.



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