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November 12, 2013

I love sharing my home decorating process and some of my new purchases (fashion and home related) with you! It makes me so happy to hear that you like reading the posts, too. That’s always good to know.
Speaking of new purchases, there are no words to explain how excited I was to find these sunglasses! I searched high and low for over 6 months, only to find them in every other color imaginable: tortoise, cream, and even blue. Obviously, when I found the black pair I immediately treated myself to a belated Birthday present. Sunglasses are a total investment in my book. I’m a sunglasses girl. A sunglasses and handbags kind of girl. My new sunnies are by Celine.

A few days ago I put together my looks for upcoming Style MePretty posts. I’m so happy to be SMP’s first ever Blogger Bride Contributor! I also love that I get to include some fashion tips/styling to help brides on every step of their journey! You guys should definitely head over and check out tomorrow’s Devon Says I Do. My column will be live on Wednesdays over at Style Me Pretty! Don’t worry; I’ll also be sharing other aspects of my planning process with you guys right here. J

I've said this before and I'll say it again: I have the best ideas at night when I'm in bed, the shower, any time at night when it's least convenient to have a great idea. I turned this problem into a solution with my little Idea book from J. Crew. How cute, right? It’s the perfect size to keep next to my bed and as cheesy as it sounds, I do write my ideas down. I’m serious!

I cannot pass up cute sticky notes. It’s a huge problem. I was pleasantly surprised to find these at J crew. I am so the customer they target for last minute binge purchases by the cashier. *Sigh* You win, J.Crew, you win. Speaking of J. Crew, they are having an additional 40% sale items right now! #HollaIfYouzABalla

I told you guys that I recently started a very addictive process of re-arranging my home. I can’t stop. Here’s a sneak peek into my bedroom at the moment. Remember those shelves? I’m constantly asked about my 2 shelves from Ikea—yes, the set up previously in my living room (check out the before) is only 2 parts, it just looks like 3 separate shelves. Because the bigger piece standing alone had a more realistic dimension for my living room, I decided to move the single shelf to my bedroom. My house is constantly a work in progress. I’m planning on doing a post for each area I complete, so I can’t wait to see what you think of the changes!

What are your thoughts on the new set up?


  1. love your home
    kisses from Milano

  2. I love seeing little behind-the-scenes glimpses Devon, they're so much fun!

    Chelsea & The City

  3. I love seeing more personal posts like these - so interesting and a lot of fun to read :)

    Renate from

  4. Beautiful snapshots. You home looks so put together and cozy! xo Heidi

  5. Cute snaps Devon! I love your little idea book from J.Crew :). xo

  6. Love these post its. Why didn't I think of that? LOL


  7. Great snapshots....thanks for sharing. X

  8. Amazing pictures. Love your home. Looks so pretty.
    xo, Petra

  9. I am always so excited to see your newest/latest home styling renditions! You're too fabulous, Devon.

    xx, Shimmer Me Pretty

  10. OMG!! i love your bedding!! where is it from??

  11. Love the new set up and fun sticky notes!! Interior design is always a work in progress I think. I'm constantly evolving and developing new favorite design "styles" so I find that I'm never truly finished with my apartment. But that's ok because I love the process and wouldn't want it to end! I'll be sharing my budget apartment soon and I can't wait! Most things are from Goodwill for a total under $500!

  12. Love the way you decorate! The best/worst thing about interior design is that it's never finished. Can't wait to see what else you have in store :)

    Cristina Marie

  13. I love the bedroom decor, I love love the bed linens, do share please where can I find that comforter set? or cute pillows?

  14. Gorgeous bedroom!

  15. where did you get this bed set from please?


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