Puerto Rico with Jockey!

May 30, 2015

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to travel to Puerto Rico with Jockey and a few blogger friends for a fun little adventure. We arrived in Puerto Rico to beautiful skies and resort called El Conquistador. This place was huge!

The lovely El Conquistador staff greeted us after a long red eye from LA before they shuffled us off to the wonderful spa. We agreed that we had one of the best massages (couples- aw) ever at this time. Their spa was heavenly! I also received a facial by a very informative facialist and an Essie pedicure. They spoiled us.

On our first full day, we headed to a delicious breakfast before visiting the Rainforest for a hike in our Jockey sport wear. Let me just tell you this: I can cross it off my bucket list! The rainforest in Puerto Rico was luscious and gorgeous. We hiked throughout the entire forest amongst crazy waterfalls, exotic species and rocks. It was both a great workout and a time to learn from our enthusiastic and extremely informative tour guide. He even proceeded to give us tribal war paint from several rocks in the rainforest. I felt so tribal chic – ha!

After the rainforest, we headed back for some leisure before a yoga session with a pretty outrageous view. I love a centering, relaxing yoga class and the teacher from our resort was helpful and great at her job. All of us had such a fantastic time and could not thank Jockey enough for this experience.

We were able to visit the resort’s Private Island for the beach and watersports on the next day. Other than the fact that one of us stepped on a sea urchin, it was a fun day of watersports and laying out- Chandler turned into a lobster at this point. On our last night with everyone, we enjoyed a delicious steak dinner followed by dancing. We cannot thank Jockey enough for sending all of us to have such a wonderful time! I would highly recommend visiting this resort and attractions! We will definitely be back for more.


  1. Oh wow! Looks like an amazing experience and the nature def. looks breathtaking!


  2. Gorgeous people and place! ❤️


  3. Looks like an amazingly relaxing time and you look great. Those clothes look comfy! :D

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