A Day In My Life: Summer Edition

June 23, 2016

Like most of us, my daily routine changes up a bit in summer months. The air is hotter and everything becomes a bit relaxed (as relaxed as a go-go-go-girl like myself can do). I definitely find myself more dehydrated (obviously), so one aspect of my routine that changes is the increase in water.

Wake up + get hydrated. Water can be so boring! I’ve found it’s easier for me to get my daily intake goal when I mix things up adding fruit, infusions, etc. with my bobble Infuse. Lemon is my personal favorite fruit to add -because of it’s many other health benefits- along with blueberries for the same reason. It’s also easier for me to drink enough water when I use my bobble. No matter where I go, I can fill up with filtered water thanks to the innovative system in this tiny $14.99 piece of Heaven. Head over to your nearest Nordstrom (or use your little fingers to order online) to pick up one of these life savers!

Working from home can be so rewarding and also difficult at times. I find myself feeling a little cabin fever occasionally, and to be completely honest, distracted by cleaning etc. When I lose my focus in the summer, I’ll work from this cute corner of my living room with the window open. If I absolutely have to get out of here, I’ll go to a favorite coffee shop or restaurant/club workspace.

I’m sure you’re all wondering how us bloggers change out the wardrobe so often –yes, we do shop and receive a lot of clothing, but we pull (borrow) from brand showrooms, stores, PR firms, etc. as well. Making ‘pulls’ are certainly part of my day-to-day routine. Borrowing, returning, etc.

Another part of my everyday routine involves conference calls, meetings with brands, PR firms, management etc. With my job, I can work from everywhere (and often do), so I’m on the go a lot. To keep myself hydrated (so important) on the go, luckily I found bobble’s Insulate, which keeps beverages hot up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours. It’s streamlined and chic, too, which is important, duh.

photos by: Jana Williams 

Lastly, my summer routine includes a lot of spin classes. I love to sweat it out! This is great, but also dehydrates me even more. I ALWAYS have my bobble Infuse so I can keep myself hydrated and healthy. The more you sweat the more you need to replenish! Both bottles are available at Nordstrom in a wide variety of fun colors and styles.

Does your daily routine change in the summer? If so, tell me about it in the comments below!

OUTFIT 1: line + dot top // zara overalls

OUTFIT 2: h&m tank // free people choker // all saints leather jacket // senso heels // l'agence denim // celine sunglasses // sophie hulme bag


  1. Well done, such a great product placement post! Fabulous photos too!


  2. Yes! Water in the mornings, to me, always have this dull taste- lemons are my personal fav, and now I have to try those blueberries! That water bottle is very cute. I need a new one since I have a tendency to break or lose mine, haha xx


  3. Cute water bottle. The infusion is nice. I like the cold factor too. Love your bag btw.


  4. I love your bag in this post! I totally agree hydration is really important in the summer!


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