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June 6, 2016

Nothing tells the story of you better than your walls. I personally believe in taking as much time as needed to find pieces for your gallery wall that mean something to you. Achieve a look that is unique to your style by mixing in vintage photos/art, family heirlooms, personal art, textiles etc. with new work. Be creative! Hang things on your wall that inspire you.

It's difficult and often extremely time consuming to search for art online and I know you're all like "yeah, the art is great and all, but where do I find the best art online?". Well, darlings, I have narrowed that down for you today!

I picked 15 cool prints I'm digging and shared the places I like to buy them from . :)

Some of my favorite places to source prints are...

1) Minted- A major favorite of mine - I have so many prints in my home to show you all from Minted (coming soon). Amazingly easy fine art prints by artists all over the US.
2) - Perfect if you are looking for cool photography.
3) Etsy - They have it all: photography, modern art, paintings, vintage - you name it.
4) Society6- A hidden gem for killer priced prints, cell phone cases, pillows and more.
5) Tappan Collective - Definitely the coolest, hippest source for art in my opinion! Love this place.
6) They have it all.
7) Ebay- Great for vintage art of all kinds!

1 / 2 / 3 

4 / 5 / 6 

7/  8 / 9

10 / 1112

13 / 14 / 15

And more good stuff....


  1. Those are beautiful!! I need to get some new prints- thanks for your recs!!

    xo Anna Lynn with Waiting On Martha

  2. Love #4 so Gray Malin-ish, I'm not familiar with Society6
    Great post!!

  3. Achieve a unique look for the style is my favorite

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