Risky Business

Blouse: Vintage
Jeans: J Brand
Boots: Goodie Two Shoes in Austin
Necklace: Sam Moon

During my stay in the eclectic and amazing Austin, Texas, I couldn’t resist bringing my camera and getting some awesome shots in this great area. So my best friend from high school, Leslie, met me in Austin and we did a little damage around town. We visited South Congress, otherwise known as SoCo, and discovered so many awesome boutiques filled with great pieces. I am deeply in love with the street style of the chicks here in Austin, so I took a few pics to show you guys how unique this town really is. I hit the Goodwill and other sick vintage stores and came out with my hands full. Stay tuned tomorrow for a few pictures of girls that I thought looked great.

Today I’m wearing an African themed oversized top with my favorite J Brand jeans and new lace up boots purchased here in Austin. We scavenged the downtown area and found this neat old alley and graffiti area (featured in tomorrow’s post) that we loved. Austin is full of eclectic and unique places to shoot a look. Hope you enjoy the next few days posts as they are all about my Austin adventure 🙂
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Have a fashionable day!

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