In The Kitchen With Blue Apron

Chandler and I had the chance to try out Blue Apron this past weekend and I could not be more obsessed with the entire concept (and the food, duh!) As you all know, this girl is no Domestic Diva. I’ve told you guys before how much I hate cooking, but I know it’s something I should give a chance before I totally rule it out and we starve to death. Enter Blue Apron! Talk about a lifesaver.


Blue Apron delivers fresh ingredients for 3 different recipes (that you select preferences from online) straight to your doorstep in a cute, convenient and cooled little box. The box stays cooled and fresh all day, even if you aren’t home for delivery! Not only is the exact amount of ingredients included in each box, they also supply a step by step recipe guide complete with photos, making this process literally fool proof. I’m telling you, if this girl can create a gourmet meal ANYONE can.

I decided to start with the Mexican Style Rice & Beef Casserole. It was extremely easy and had Chandler’s mouth watering. I was so proud of myself! The awesome part about Blue Apron is that it’s not just for beginners. My sister-in-law is a ridiculously amazing cook and she even loved the idea because it’s convenient for people on the go and it gave her fun new recipes to try.

 Nothin’ wrong with a little taste!

All in all, we had a blast cooking dinner (for once) because we had every ingredient we needed and step-by-step instructions. I can’t tell you how many times Chandler and I have decided to cook, nearly finished preparing the meal, just to realize we forgot a vital ingredient. Let’s just say Blue Apron saved us some choice words!

I would highly recommend trying out Blue Apron! Why not make
life a little easier? And it’s your lucky day! Blue Apron is giving the first
100 readers from Devon Rachel their first 2 meals FREE! Just check out this
special coupon and you’ll be on your way to gourmet!

xoxo, Devon

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  1. Wow the finished product looks amazing.

    Hope you had a fantastic weekend.
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