Fall Wardrobe Staples You Need

With October comes layers, pumpkin spice lattes, my birthday (hehe), and pretty much everything awesome. I don’t know about you but I am quickly filling up my fall wardrobe because I just love fall; I love being outside and shopping and wearing the cute things I buy and — k that’s enough I know. Because of my immense love for the season, I’ve mastered the key pieces needed to get stylishly through to winter. Today I’ll share a few of them. 🙂

1. The Green Jacket – Dress it down or dress it up, this will be your fall staple. I love it over a fun, colorful cashmere sweater like I did here, or even tied around my waist with leather pants. To add a fancier vibe, I would even wear it with this floral dress. The options are honestly endless.

2. A Colorful (or not) Cashmere Sweater- I’m not a huge fan of wearing extremely bright colors all over right now, but I do love a good pop of color. Whether you choose a classic camel, creme, black, etc, a cashmere sweater is definitely a must. Why? Because you can wear it for years and so many different ways.

3. Comfortable, Chic Booties (tall or flat)- The Acne boots I purchased last season are my go to little booties for day or night. There are so many great variations of them! Like this, this, and this. Plus check out the Shopbop sale!

4. Beautiful Over The Knee Boots- These are obviously a no brainer. For the last few seasons, I have been overly obsessed with every over the knee boot! Stuart Weitzman makes me absolute favorite pair, but there are tons of fabulous options out there. Like this and this. See how I wear them here.

5. A Sick Poncho/Cape- Ponchos and capes are coming back again and it excites me to no end. I love dressing them up down! If I’m wearing more of a blanket poncho, I’ll throw on a cute tighter casual dress or jeans and a top. If I’m wearing a more structured cape like this awesome navy version, sometimes I pair a fancier dress, too (see here). The options are endless. Maybe I should do a post to show you!

6. A Pretty Bow Tie Blouse- You all know I have a major obsession with bow tie blouses. Ever since I discovered the concept while thrifting in college, I’ve pretty much purchased every bow blouse in sight.

7. A chunky Turtleneck sweater- Another no brainer. Turtlenecks (even sleeveless) are perfect for fall and winter + layering. I love layering a plaid flannel or white button down under either a long sleeve or sleeveless turtleneck.

8. Long, gorgeous Coat- All I have to say is visit this post.

9. Flare Jeans (duh)- As a self proclaimed denim addict, I love when fall comes around and I can bust out every pair of flare jeans I own.

10. Leather/Vegan Leather pants- Honestly, it doesn’t get chic-er than this. I’ll show you how to dress them up and down soon here. Just stay tuned, ya’ll 🙂

11. A Fab Fedora– I just think fedoras and fall go together. And right now there are SO many great options! Check it out.

12. Adidas, duh- I think I’m most excited about the fact that flats continue to be all the rage. Thank goodness! This tall girl’s feet need a serious break. Everyone is wearing Adidas Superstars again like we’re all back in the 7th grade. Isn’t life so ironic!? I wish my mom saved my zillion pairs I made her buy me for school back in the day. So funny!

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