5 Small Ways To Live Healthier & Happier

Life can be crazy! Lately I have been trying to learn more
about health + work/life balance to manage the hectic times and I wanted to
share a few tools for small ways to live healthier and happier.

1. Maintain a skincare routine. Be relentless! The only way you will see results is by keeping applications consistent. Over the past month I’ve added several products from the Shiseido Ibuki line to my routine and I’m really, really pleased. I always start with the Protective Moisturizer in the morning to get in my SPF (so important!) and finish the day by applying their Refining Moisturizer at night – your face will thank you for the soft luscious skin.   Both are super hydrating! Plus, everything smells so good! The Ibuki Quick Fix Mist is by far my favorite, it’s an on-the-go spray that perfectly fits in your bag and truly offers a ‘quick fix’. Whether you have a full face of makeup or just a stitch, the spray hydrates and gives the most refreshing dewy look.
2. Cook more & head to the Farmers Market. There are so many crazy weird chemicals in our foods. I’ve been trying to eat cleaner lately and utilize my local farmers markets. It’s cheaper, too! I’ll make a green smoothie and as of late, delicious acai bowls. I’ll share on here soon.
3. Be active and work out! This is a given, I know. But I
think we tend to get overwhelmed with the amount of work to be done, versus
starting easy with say, 3 days per week instead of 7.
4. Carve out ‘me time’. This is something I’ve started to implement and it has truly helped my happiness and in turn, my health. Whether this is an hour or two a few times per week or once a day for 30 minutes, go do something for yourself. Take time to read your favorite blogs, a magazine, watch a quick TV show. Something. For me, I found this time best spent early in the AM.
5. Take a walk, pick up flowers- if you’re lucky enough to combine the two, great. If not, do them separately. You’ll replenish a bit of vitamin D (aren’t we all lacking this?!) + flowers make your home bright and happy.
How do you stay healthy?
Thank you to Shiseido for sponsoring this post. Opinions are my own. 

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  1. Great tips! I find that taking a bit of me time throughout the week + picking up some fresh flowers are always a way to live a bit more joyfully.

    xo Anna Lynn with Waiting On Martha

  2. Great tips!! I think cooking and skincare are both super duper important, but so is everything else on the list haha. It's so hard to find a work/life/happiness balance sometimes that it's tempting to just give up on everything completely, but your advice on how to combat that was so good. I'll look into buying more flowers to brighten up my house!!! I have some fake IKEA flowers but they're not the same haha.

    Great post:)


  3. Nice tips! I agree with the whole 'making me time' that's something I always try to do! I've also been interested in eating cleaner recently, not to mention, I totally need a good skin care routine. I'm terrible at taking care of my skin!

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