Office Black & White Gallery Wall

I am beyond excited to share a fun project I worked on with the amazing – my absolute favorite resource for framed photos. 

As you all know, my office has been the last on my design to-do list. Go figure! The place I should spend the most time. Ha! In my own defense, I’ve had the vision of what I wanted it to look like in my head the whole time, so it’s just been a matter of actually getting it all together. You know how that goes!

First off, I knew I wanted to have a HUGE gallery wall with my favorite vintage photos because I am so inspired by the past- Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, My Beatles (favorites), Jagger, the gang’s all there. Since I chose the creative path, it’s really important I work from a space where I can fully reach my creative potential and where I don’t feel tired and uninspired. Trust me – it’s a huge deal and makes a big difference.

photos by Jordan Zobrist

I have to say, ever since this gallery wall was installed, I’m more productive and I’ve spent a LOT more time actually working from my office rather than my sofa, kitchen table or dining room table. I get tons of questions about the wall, so I had to share my go-to source: You all MUST check it out.

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