Thanksgiving Table Setting Last Minute 2016

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to gather with loved
ones and furry friends of all kinds. Whether you’re doing a Friendsgiving or
family filled dinner, I wanted to share how I get ready for the holiday and
plan my table setting.

I love a chance to bring out our wedding china. Like everyone says, it stays in boxes most of the time but I absolutely jump at the ability to use each piece. I made sure to get a very neutral pallet so that I can mix things up from year to year with accent plates.
I wanted things to be very organic and simple this year, so I decided to use candles and greens for the centerpiece. I love how bohemian the vibe feels!
Stella had to join the fun with her Fancy Feast Medleys – which are inspired combinations of ingredients in delicious recipes your cat will enjoy discovering. And they basically go along with any dinner party menu, which makes me so happy. Cat ladies rejoice!

Each new diva-approved can of Fancy Feast has accents of real vegetables, garden greens or cheese for a special touch you can actually see.

There is so much Intention and love behind each meal for my guests as well as my sweet princess, Stella. It warms my heart when unique details come together to create extraordinary experiences for both parties! But I especially love that I can create a more thoughtful and diva-approved menu for my little princess. It’s almost like a thank you for always being there. Because she always is!

photos by: Felicia Lasala
Top: Lioness | Jeans: Paige (Literally OBSESSED with these jeans, you need them)
Be sure to try out the newest flavors for your kitties – they’ll meow you for it.
White Meat Chicken Primavera Pate with Garden Veggies & Greens
White Meat Chicken Florentine Pate with Cheese & Garden Greens
Whitefish & Tuna Florentine Pate with Cheese & Garden Greens
Wild Salmon Primavera Pate with Garden Veggies & Greens

A big thanks to Fancy Feast for sponsoring this post! All opinions are my own.

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