Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas

It’s hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner! I have to admit, I’m not mad about it. I’m like a kid in a candy store for literally 30 days. Chandler is like: TURN THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC OFF PLEASE!  Although we do stockings in each of our families, Chandler and I have actually never done the tradition with each other. So this year we (I) decided to start the tradition together. Part of the reason being I love buying hilarious random things for people – and don’t worry, I also mix in some good stuff! With that said, I thought I would share a few different (and awesome) stocking stuffer ideas for everyone.

It seems like everyone in my
family has a new iPhone and a new case on their list this year, so I naturally
suggest OtterBox because it takes away the worry! It’s so nice to know that
when I drop my new phone it’ll be good to go AND look chic. That is also very
important! From Swarovski crystal covered cases to sleek cool snakeskin with
the Strada collection. Don’t miss these! I’m obsessed.

  • Cute, funny socks for Dad,
    brother or husband. Why not, all the cool guys are wearing them!
  • You have to throw in
    something they need, so at least make it cool! I love Jason Markk shoe cleaning
    kits. They are AMAZING and if your people care about shiny, spanking new shoes,
    (even if they don’t), they’ll love this stuff and convert.

  • Kevyn Aucoin Holiday
    Collection- There isn’t much from the collection that I don’t love. A couple of
    the products have actually been life changing for me. One being the eyelash
    curler (YOU NEED THIS) and one the Contour Kit (only available at Sephora). Not
    only are both of these perfect size for stockings, they are also perfect for
  • A pair of sunglasses. They
    don’t have to be crazy luxury, or they can be!

  • Scratch Offs- My parents
    always give us a ton of scratch offs. It’s so fun to see how much we win (or
    usually don’t) each year. 

What has been your favorite
stocking stuffer gift to date? I’m dying to know!

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