Casual Camel + Black



I love sleek black and camel street wear. Whoever decided athleisure was going to be the thing deserves a huge smooch on the lips. I’m all about the casual minimalistic vibes these days and it goes in my wardrobe as well as my tech accessories. Along with my comfortable H&M men’s hoodie, Zara leggings, ASOS Coat and Nike trainers, I paired my new favorite (and protective) Otterbox Statement Series case in MauveWords cannot even express to you how much I love this case. The color is SO GOOD and it looks perfect with my rose gold iPhone 7 Plus. I would highly recommend this option because it keeps everything chic and under control. Plus, there is a year warranty, free shipping, and Otterbox certified drop protection.



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God Bless the Athleisure trend.


photos by: Jordan Zobrist



Sweatshirt: H&M Mens // Pants: Zara // Coat: ASOS // Trainers: Nike // Bag: Chanel // Sunglasses: Celine

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