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If you follow along on Instagram, you’d know I recently returned from a fun Fashion Month Euro trip. My photographer/dear friend Jordan and I made the first of several trips together – this time visiting Paris and Barcelona. We had an absolute blast making our way across Europe, took a ton of photos (AND VIDEO!:)), ate too many carbs, sugar + wine, and made so many great memories.

Just in time for the trip, I was so excited to team up with Herbal Essences to try their new 9 collection line up of bio:renew products that are perfect for girls on the go or traveling. This new bio:renew technology delivers smooth, soft hair that ‘s full of life and smells amazing. Plus, with nine different collections there is a product to address any and every hair type and need, which is music to my ears.

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So basically, this bio renew is similar to how a super food works in the body. It purifies and protects hair from the inside out by trapping, neutralizing and removing the build-up of free radicals (ew) that can cause hair to look dull and lifeless- from everyday factors such as pollution (hello LOS ANGELES), coloring, sun exposure. Trust me, this will transform your hair.


barcelona-trip-europe-17 barcelona-trip-europe-21

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a huge fan of Herbal Essences since the amazing shower commercials back in the day, and I was pumped to hear they were creating a whole new line with 9 new collections. YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!

I started with the Rosemary & Herbs Naked Moisture shampoo and conditioner, which sports a balanced moisture formula that gently cleanses for clean, hydrated hair- and let me tell you, mine has never been this soft. I also brought the dry shampoo (which smells amazing and can also be used as a perfume in my opinion), from their White Grapefruit Mosa Mint Naked Volume collection, but I’ll talk more about all that later.

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Overall, it was a huge lifesaver to not have to worry about my hair looking it’s best while I was traveling, which is coincidentally the key message behind all of Herbal Essences’ new products. Because you should be out doing you, not worrying if everything looks perfect- (but it will).


Over the next week or so, I’ll share so much more about where we stayed In Europe, what we did, what I wore of course – complete with videos so stay tuned!

Outfit 1: MLM Label Top | Ramy Brook Pants (sold out, similar)

Outfit 2: Feel The Piece Tee | H&M Denim | Gucci Loafers | L’agence Coat | Coach Scarf | Chanel Bag


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