Flowers + Layering in Paris


Happy Friday! I know it’s been a while. More on that later. But I have a TON of content to share with you guys so here we go. Today I’m sharing the funny story behind this little flower shop we stumbled into and the layering outfit I had on in the process.

People, you can wear a summery top in fall/winter/spring (and even vise versa).

One of my favorite outfits, trips, moments in time here. My trip to Europe with Jordan for Fashion Week and other shoots + exploration was such a fun experience. It was my first time in Paris and I was (for lack of a better, less cheesy word) fully captivated by every inch of my surroundings. If you aren’t impressed with Paris, I don’t want to know you. Sorry! haha! On this particular day, wearing a fun layered summery top over a long sleeve tee- my trick for wearing seasonal items all year long- Jordan and I stumbled across this cute, dreamy, IG-perfect flower shop near our hotel. She had her camera, naturally, so we had to take it out and shoot a couple photos.



Paris-151 Paris-152


Keep in mind that as Americans in Paris, we were already well aware that we most likely stuck out like sore thumbs, so we were always very respectful of that. Basically, some of them kind of hate us – and these flower shop workers were in that club.

So we took several photos as I sifted through, picked up, smelled, fake picked up, you know the drill. Took all of 6 minutes. We were 75% complete when a lady runs out (serious furious, like fuming) to tell us no buy, no touch and we needed to leave. Apparently there are no free smells for Americans – this is what Jordan and I laugh and say when we share about that weird situation. Good thing we got the shot! People are so interesting, aren’t they?



Paris-153 Paris-154 Paris-155 Paris-158








Paris-160 Paris-161 Paris-162\

photos by: Jordan Zobrist

Tee: LNA| Dress: Asilio via Revolve (on major sale!) | Jacket: L’agence | Jeans : H&M | Shoes: Christian Louboutin Bag: Christian Louboutin| Glasses: Garret Leight 


Good thing we got the shot. 🙂 And good thing we’re nice people! #whyyougottabesorude

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