Tips on Feeling More Confident

Confidence is something we all lack at times and yet I feel like the topic isn’t discussed enough. I’ve always been a confident person, but like everyone else (and especially with my job) I find myself lacking and doubting my abilities from time to time. When this happens, I try to quickly snap the hell out of it – here are 8 tips I use to reign myself back in:

  1. Personally, I like to put on a great outfit + do my hair/makeup when I’m not feeling as confident. Committing to taking care of yourself – that includes sprucing up every once in a while (which can be hard working from home)- is a great way t boost confidence – no one likes it when they feel ugly and gross. Makeup is the RX baby! This is my confidence look: sleek leather and black with a pop of killer shoe + bag by Christian Louboutin. Best part? The top and pants are a whopping $120 combined. Key to fashion confidence? Mix affordable clothing with designer shoes and bags.


2. Celebrate any and every victory. I believe facing any fear or challenge, big or small, deserves a proper acknowledgement- whether it’s taking 10 minutes to enjoy a coffee/treat of choice or taking 10 minutes to stalk your favorite blogger (cough,cough). Do something nice like this for yourself without feeling guilty about it – make a conscious effort.

3. Look in the mirror and find 5 good things about yourself/situation and as corny as you’ll feel, say them out loud and write them down in a note on your phone. My husband always tells me to believe: “No one has it better than us”, – it’s a good reminder that even when times are hard and we’re down on ourselves, it could always be much worse. Be grateful for everything you have. Do something for someone else – this always helps me.


4. Remember that everyone has a different path. Everyone has their time and calling. We tend to compare ourselves to others so often that we don’t even realize you cannot compare a circle and a square. In the end they are two completely different shapes.

5. Focus on what makes you shine. What makes you who you are. Take time to jot this down, what you want, your goals, and dream as big as you can while finding some realistic solutions to get there.

6. Assess your circle/squad. We tend to be a product of the people we surround ourselves with. Do you feel bad about yourself after spending time with certain people? It may be time to seriously reconsider your peeps. Toxicity ain’t cute. Hang with people who lift you up and inspire you to be a better version of yourself.




7. Don’t bottle it up. Talk it out. Whether you are sitting across from someone on a sofa paying hourly or across the dinner table with a loved one, just find someone who will listen. While I don’t think it’s great to burden people with your issues and problems on a daily constant basis, I do think it’s essential to set aside time to assess where you are at the moment  + what you can do to change/improve/maintain confidence

8. Put the phone down for a bit. It’s easy to get lost in a fake world on IG which can do some major damage to our confidence level at times when we’re more vulnerable. Take a break, get outside and in the world, then come back later refreshed.


Outfit: H&M Top | Leggings: Shopbop| Shoes & Bag: Christian Louboutin | Glasses: Celine | Corset: Zara



How do you stay confident? I hope I could help someone feel better – please share your tips/etc. in the comments below!

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  1. Awww, totally loved this post and BIG YAY for the first vlog! I hope that you’ll have more of them in the future. 🙂
    I have loved your tips too and pretty much all of them are the ones I believe in personally too.

  2. Thank you for sharing the tips! I’m not a confident person, I’m shy easily, scared of everything. I’ll find good things about myself, learn to love myself more and more. Wearing a good pair of shoes can bring much confidence for me.

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