Best Gift Idea Ever: The Experience

  Did 2017 fly by in a blink of an eye or is it just me? Whew! This has been a big year for my family. My husband Chandler recently landed a completely unexpected and awesome new job, so I want to give him a truly special gift to celebrate and show my appreciation for his extreme hard work. After thinking long and hard about what in the heck I could get him (why are husbands/boyfriends SO hard to buy for?) I decided I wanted to do…

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How I Weather Proof my Skin with SK-II

I’d have to say my skin is one of the main factors that can easily make or break my confidence level. I started to realize this during the months before my wedding in 2014 when I upped my novice skincare routine to a more grown up regime in preparation for my big day. Once I saw results from consistency, I committed to keeping it up after the wedding and have been concocting my oils and weird potions (as my husband likes to call them) ever since. With…

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