Getting Out Of My Workout Comfort Zone: How I Got Addicted To Spin + Why You Should Try It

A little over 1 year ago,  I decided to try a spin class offered at a gym I recently joined. It wasn’t my first time to spin, I’d tried Flywheel once or twice a while ago, but to be completely honest, the first time I HATED it (not Flywheel itself, just spin in general) and the second time I hated it 30% less (1 year between each visit).  Mind you, this came prior to a full year, basically, of zero consistent exercising – which is very unlike me (read about…

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Good Hair on The Go

Thanks to Herbal Essences for sponsoring this post! If you follow along on Instagram, you’d know I recently returned from a fun Fashion Month Euro trip. My photographer/dear friend Jordan and I made the first of several trips together – this time visiting Paris and Barcelona. We had an absolute blast making our way across Europe, took a ton of photos (AND VIDEO!:)), ate too many carbs, sugar + wine, and made so many great memories. Just in time for the trip, I was so excited to…

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